Make it Clear: Search is for Search and Email is for Email

Often times retail sites offer search and email signup boxes that look almost identical. It’s very easy for customers to mistake one for the other (you’ll know if your email signup logs contain “addresses” like “nose hair trimmer.”)

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Rather than leave them blank, the retailers above label the fields with instructions like “keyword or item number” and “your email address.”

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

It’s simple, but it can help prevent many errors!

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6 Responses to “Make it Clear: Search is for Search and Email is for Email”

  1. ouch, one to correct as soon as possible on our own site. thanks..

  2. Great observation Linda! That’s one of those insanely simple things that can improve – or degrade – a user’s experience. But I’ve never seen it called out before. LOVE the simple things that make a big difference.

    Now you’ve filled me with doubt…I hope this is the ‘comments’ box I’m typing into right now ;)

  3. Cynthia says:

    Love it, thanks for the pointers.

  4. Thanks Linda. This is good advice.

    I run a e-commerce site that has an issue with search terms in the email box and email addresses in the search box. And the labels within and around the boxes are clear (at least to us). Unfortunately, this phenomenon will still happen.

    I would suggest everyone to make sure to take those email addresses (from the search box) and place them into the opt-in list for your email marketing efforts. Also, make sure to include the search terms (from the email address box) to your keyword research.

    Sometimes you’ll take what you can get! :-)

    Online Store Coach

  5. Help Desk says:

    Sometimes they do it on purpose so you would sign-up for their newsletter, but we just have to look carefully if we don’t like them to send stuff to our email. Great tips to those who have this prob. ;)

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