Social Media Marketing Guide – Step 4: P-measuring

This post is part four our Social Media Guide, a companion post to our presentation “Self-evolving eCommerce: Using Consumer Generated Content for Fun and Profit” at the Annual Summit in Las Vegas.

The referee indicates whether your play was a success or not. Sometimes it is a touchdown, sometimes just a field goal. Other times you will have dropped the ball.

1. Reach

  • Traditional metrics (views, time spent, bounce rate)

2. Influence

  • Trackbacks (people linking to post via blog)
  • Blogosphere or news mentions (use Google Alerts)
  • Technorati authority

3. Affinity

  • Number of subscribers (Feedburner)
  • Number of comments

4. Increases

  • Search engine position improvements
  • Referrals leading to sales

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7 Responses to “Social Media Marketing Guide – Step 4: P-measuring”

  1. Under #3, you might also include the number of “friends” or some other networking metric. Having a deep network of friends on sites like Myspace or facebook can be a powerful tool.

  2. [...] organic rankings and cast a wider net of exposure to draw in traffic from diverse places. You can measure this through your referral stats, Feedburner subscriptions or popularity in social bookmarking [...]

  3. Ayat says:

    Hey Jason! I’ve enjoyed this series tremendously. You offer some great ideas and tips. We’ve recently made a big push with our social media marketing efforts for our site and the results have been interesting. I’m always on the look out for more ideas to include.

  4. I like that metric Justin. We talked a bit about Facebook application use in our clinic and installs vs users. There is a huge difference in those numbers sometimes.

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