Meet BEV: The Twitter Activated Vending Machine

Now this is innovative — a South African beverage company has built an iced tea slinging robot that connects to Twitter’s streaming API to recognize tweets containing the hashtag #BOSTweet4T. It dispenses samples when it detects based on geolocation when the Tweeter is in close enough proximity to pick up the drink.

The machine de-activates itself for a brief period of time to display the Tweeter’s user name and counts down the seconds before reactivation.

Bos Ice Tea‘s BEV machine is the world’s first Twitter-activated sampling machine. She currently resides at Wembley Square. Follow BOS on Twitter to stay on top of her whereabouts.

This is just one example of the possibilites of APIs when connected to physical goods. With a commerce API, this type of thing could become transactional…

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5 Responses to “Meet BEV: The Twitter Activated Vending Machine”

  1. Well there was a vending machine in Glasgow during Social Media week 2011 from Nokia. If you checked in on that machine it gave a present too. So I guess that was the first social media vending machine. The idea stays great btw!

  2. Lina says:

    WOW! What really impresses me is the software on this machine. I’ve just found the guys who built the software – RAAK Social Media. Well done!

  3. That’s a really clever use. I have seen some marketing promotions where you are asked to ‘like’ a Facebook page for a voucher, but to integrate it so well in the promotion itself is really pushing this kind of outreach forwards.

  4. Stephen says:

    Quite an innovative use of Technology. Hats off to to that South African Country.

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