Dads and Grads: Missed Merchandising Opportunities

Shari’s Berries has some really cool Father’s day products, like chocolate tools, tuxedo berries and Boris the Fishing Bear:

There are 3 links in the main navigation that point to Father’s Day gift ideas.

I’m wondering why none of them are featured on the home page?

Ditto for graduation gifts. I Googled “chocolate covered strawberries” and found that 9 out of 10 sites weren’t taking advantage of holiday marketing either.

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4 Responses to “Dads and Grads: Missed Merchandising Opportunities”

  1. James says:

    Hey I agree with the intent of the article but not to be mean even though I will be factual. Father’s day unfortunately is not as big a holiday as even Mother’s day.

    You know since majority of society thinks Father’s are only pay checks any how. If you don’t believe me look at the family court system of the US. Trust me I know the system.

    Also even though not a 100% true guys do still earn more. Also it is a lot harder to shop for dads/guys for a whole bunch of reasons.

    As a marketer for both male and female lines I have notice this.

  2. Hi James,

    Sorry for the lateness of my reply, we were in Chicago for Internet Retailer this week. Thanks for your comment and sharing your experience with marketing male and female lines.

    I agree that Mother’s Day is much larger than Father’s Day, and both are bigger than Graduation – but keep in mind that women are typically more sentimental and do care a lot about buying Father’s Day and Graduation gifts. And any site that carries product like chocolate tools and chocolate ties will sell the most of that stock at Father’s Day, and teddy bears with Graduation hats for graduation. Home page merchandising and “featured items” should take advantage of the stock you want to move – whether it’s high margin or seasonal items.

  3. Jason says:

    Hi Linda,

    It looks like I found your post a little late, but I just wanted to leave a note because this is a great topic. We specialize in gifts for new and soon-to-be fathers, and I spend a lot of time helping our retail partners work our daddy gifts into their sales and marketing strategies. The comment from James brings up few important points we like to stress when selling gifts for men:

    (1) Regardless of who the main bread winner might be, women make the majority of all purchasing decisions (over 80%) in American households.

    (2) If your store caters to women and includes gift products, then you should consider selling gifts “for” men. This may seem backwards until you realize that men don’t typically buy gifts for men…women do. Also, see point (1)

    (3) Men have birthdays, become new fathers, retire, and celebrate other events just like everyone else. Considering point (1) and (2), it would be smart to open up new sales opportunities for your business by featuring gifts for men throughout the year. If you do, don’t wait until Father’s Day to promote it.

    Thanks for the great post and don’t forget dad!



  4. I can attest. Father’s Day campaigns outperformed Mother’s Day campaigns by almost 2:1 on The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Store.

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