How Mobile Is Changing Ecommerce [Infographic]

Keeping with the mobile theme this week, our Friday ‘graphic by KISSmetrics rounds up some sweet stats on mobile Web usage.

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  • In 2012, ~80% of US Web traffic came from desktop, 15% from smartphones, 6% from tablets Tweet this
  • In 2012 85% of desktop traffic was Windows vs 13% Apple OSX Tweet this
  • In 2012 95% of tablet traffic was from iPad, 5% other Tweet this
  • In 2012 72% of smartphone traffic was Apple, 26% Android Tweet this
  • It’s predicted mobile phones will overtake desktops as most commonly used device to access the Web this year Tweet this
  • Purchases made on mobile devices on Black Friday ’12 increased 40% vs. ’11 Tweet this
  • PayPal reports mobile payment volume increased 1.9x on Black Friday ’12 vs ’11 Tweet this
  • 1.66x more people shopped with mobile devices Black Friday ’12 vs ’11 Tweet this
  • Most consumers are willing to wait ~5s for a site to load on a mobile device vs. 3s for desktop users Tweet this
  • It takes over 10 sessions using an app for 44% of eventual buyers to make their first in-app purchase Tweet this


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3 Responses to “How Mobile Is Changing Ecommerce [Infographic]”

  1. CS says:

    As more and more industry reports confirm, and confirm again the importance of mobile I remain curious if these statistics refer to commerce via App usage vs actual browser based surfing. It’s an important distinction when setting out your mobile strategy (app vs mobile web), particularly for brands who operate Truly (capital T) global websites.

    For instance, I understand that China’s mobile commerce is largely App based, which is a result of how mobile carriers construct tariffs. Consumers pay for unrestricted access to Apps for a 24hr time period (for example). Search for mobile commerce in China and you will be amazed at the uptake, however, it’s largely fuelled by Taobao app sales.

    In essence, I’m crying out for some insight on App versus mobile web commerce, broke down by region please. Thanks ;-)

  2. Adnan says:

    The main reason of this changing is the people are busy enough and can’t carry with them laptop. So they move on with mobile and use it for e-commerce.

  3. Boney says:

    A Good infographic. Ecommerce is definitely changing and moving towards mobile. From desktops to laptops to notepads and now mobile. The number of users shopping via mobile has increased, however one thing I am still skeptical is about entering my credit card information on a mobile phone

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