Multi-Store eCommerce: 4 Stores – 1 Checkout

GAP + Banana Republic + Old Navy + Piperlime = 1 Checkout

Closing the gap between its e-stores, Gap now allows customer to shop all of its stores online as though it were one site. Customers can switch shops just by clicking tabs, add products to a single cart and check-out in one go.

This has fantastic implications for holiday shopping as well.

Prior to the launch of the single checkout, Gap did allow customers to create one account that worked for all of its properties (one login and password), and showed text links to the other stores across the top of each store’s design. The new tabs bring a unified feel to the sites, and the single checkout provides incredible convenience.

Inter-store Merchandising?

It will be interesting to see if Gap experiments with cross-selling and up-selling between stores. Because each store with the exception of Piperlime (shoes) targets a different price-point, mixing $5 Old Navy recommendations alongside $180 Banana Republic garb may not fly. But certainly Piperlime cross-sells make sense – shoes and accessories are natural add-ons to any purchase. Unifying the checkout only makes this much easier to do.

If you’re an online retailer running multiple stores, please join us tomorrow, June 3rd at 9 am PST for a webinar on multi-store ecommerce management. The webinar will cover:

• The rise of multi-store retailing
• How Elastic Path Commerce retailers are using multi-store
How Elastic Path Commerce supports multi-store management

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11 Responses to “Multi-Store eCommerce: 4 Stores – 1 Checkout”

  1. Sweet, this is a topic right up my ally. It will be really interesting to see what you guys do and your thoughts. Our company currently has around 20 or so sites and growing all on the same platform. Things seem to be a lot more complicated when dealing with this in all aspects of development and marketing.

  2. Hey Dan – tomorrow’s webinar will really be focused on our product’s approach to multi-store retailing. You might get some really good tidbits to apply to what you do, but it is different from our normal webinar series where the information is exclusive of our own product.

    We will likely do a full, non-product webinar on multi-store and micro-niche retailing in the future.

    I would still attend if I were you though.

  3. definitely I think either way it will be great for me, its always good to see what others do with their sites/applications thats where you get your best inspiration for what we do.

  4. Dan, look at you, you’re the comment rock star. Thanks for keeping the conversation going!

  5. [...] 4 in 1 checkout provides cross-sell and upsell opportunities [...]

  6. [...] At the same time, growing retailers launch new storefronts for international customers or to serve new market segments. Or, multi-store retailers like the Gap experiment with merging sister brands into one checkout. [...]

  7. Is the multi-channel website concept really driving sales? Seems it might – what’s the reality?

  8. @Deanna

    Foresee Results’ 2008 Holiday Top 40 Online Retail Satisfaction Index claims Gap satisfaction decreased 6.8% last year and suggests the redesign/checkout played a part – but unless customers are specifically complaining about the checkout I wouldn’t jump to this conclusion. Unless Gap comes out to discuss its own results, we may have our opinions on whether it’s good or not good, but you have to admit it’s innovative and for some businesses can be very effective. The concern with Gap is its 3 clothing brands are too different from each other which might hurt branding.

  9. Curious about how successful this model is for brands that somewhat compete and aren’t as different like GAPs? Has anyone seen examples or have any data on the success or not of this approach?

    • Hi Monica, this is the only one I’m aware of at the moment, though I do see a lot of retailers using tabs to help people switch between multiple stores. Got a blog post in the queue about that.

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