Showing Percent Discount on Cart Buttons

Last week we shared some wacky cart button shapes, based on Bryan Eisenberg‘s tip that unusual call-to-action buttons can improve conversion.

This week I came across a site that uses a very creative tactic with its cart button, which I have never seen before. includes the percentage discount right on the call-to-action button:

This is very persuasive on a product page:

Each product’s button reflects the discount off list price, and is proudly displayed in category results:

And cross-sell suggestions:

This takes some serious custom programming, but it likely has a powerful impact on conversion. Are you taking notes, Amazon?

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8 Responses to “Showing Percent Discount on Cart Buttons”

  1. Hm… does the discount change dynamically as we enter the bigger number in the quantity box? That would be awesome and noteworthy feature :)

  2. Marcin says:

    I think it might have impact on conversion, but did anybody actulay tried it, or know any more reaserch data about it?

  3. That is nice and even this is the first time for mr to see such a add to cart button wiht the discount tags. Thanks for sharing. Very usefull one & a good idea to implement.

  4. Böpple says:

    usefull idea and good for the business -)

  5. Never before seen such a cart button, it very creative.
    It’s good for the business!
    Product page on our website have the discount information below.For example, do not know how effective this kind?

  6. It is very nice.Thanks for sharing these helful informations

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