Remarketing and shopping cart recovery campaigns are highly effective and profitable, but it’s not enough to have a cart remarketing program in place — it needs to be optimized. Follow along with Get Elastic for updates in the remarketing space, and check out our archive of shopping cart recovery articles to help guide your strategy. To stay in the loop on remarketing, subscribe by email, RSS, Twitter or Facebook.

How to Save Abandoned Carts Without an Email Address

It’s recommended that you capture an email address in the first step of checkout so if your customer abandons at any point during your conversion funnel, you can trigger a recovery email and save the sale. Some sites, like Amazon, make the email ...

Retargeting Case Study: Should You Use Frequency Capping?

Despite the potential of display retargeting, one big FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) for advertisers is to creep customers out by “stalking” them around the web. While this is a valid concern, there are a few ways you can limit your creep-quotient, ...

How to Choose a Retargeting Vendor

Hello from San Francisco! I’m checking in from the Conversion Conference, where I’m presenting on retargeting. (If you are unfamiliar with retargeting, please read this guide to remarketing strategy. One of the takeaways from my presentation is ...

Behavioral Targeting: A Guide To Remarketing Strategy

As discussed on Get Elastic last week, behavioral targeting is the new wave of online advertising. A form of behavioral targeting called “remarketing” is close cousin to paid search and email marketing, with the bonus of only reaching people ...

8 Tips for Recovering Abandoned Shopping Carts

What is the biggest missed opportunity in ecommerce optimization? Is it A/B testing? Performance testing? How about cart recovery? We put a lot of focus on optimizing the cart, getting the customer through to conversion, yet still it’s not uncommon ...
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