Responsive web design is trending in ecommerce in response to the need to serve content to any device the customer is using. An alternative to server side adaptive “mobile specific” domains, responsive design serves one HTML file and retains one set of URLs, with benefits in user experience, content management efficiency, SEO and scaling across devices that have yet to even hit the market. But is responsive design the best approach for your ecommerce site? Explore our collection of posts on the pros and cons of responsive web design, and best practices for usability, design / development process and implementation. To stay in the loop on responsive web design for ecommerce, please subscribe by email, RSS, Twitter or Facebook.

3 Ways to Dip Your Toe In Responsive Design

As one of the pilot brands in the launch of the Pinterest API, Random House has launched a Pinterest-powered book discovery tool as a responsive microsite. You can see how it scales down at various breakpoints: As we’ve mentioned before, if ...

How’s Responsive Redesign Boost Conversion by 20%

Walmart Canada recently unveiled its new responsive design, the first enterprise ecommerce site in the country to make the switch.’s Rick Neuman and Matt Ginsberg share with Get Elastic the details of their responsive revamp, including ...

Icons or Labels: Which Responsive Navigation Test Won?

A few months ago Adam McFarland, one of the owners of Detailed Image, a high-end car care product seller, dropped me an email to share the impact moving to responsive design had on sales. Launching the redesign in April, May sales were up 30% year-over-year, ...

10 Responsive Design Questions Answered

In last week’s webinar The Truth About Responsive Design

Is Responsive Design Smart For Smart TV?

We talk a lot here on Get Elastic about responsive design for tablets and smartphones — but what about scaling up to Smart TV? is t-commerce realistic? And if so, is responsive design the right approach to scaling up? TV is not the first screen Some ...
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