Responsive web design is trending in ecommerce in response to the need to serve content to any device the customer is using. An alternative to server side adaptive “mobile specific” domains, responsive design serves one HTML file and retains one set of URLs, with benefits in user experience, content management efficiency, SEO and scaling across devices that have yet to even hit the market. But is responsive design the best approach for your ecommerce site? Explore our collection of posts on the pros and cons of responsive web design, and best practices for usability, design / development process and implementation. To stay in the loop on responsive web design for ecommerce, please subscribe by email, RSS, Twitter or Facebook.

Is Responsive Design Smart For Smart TV?

We talk a lot here on Get Elastic about responsive design for tablets and smartphones — but what about scaling up to Smart TV? is t-commerce realistic? And if so, is responsive design the right approach to scaling up? TV is not the first screen Some ...

The Age of Responsive Web Design [Infographic]

Are you tired of hearing about responsive web design? Good! This week’s infographic comes from Mind Development and Design on our current favorite hot topic, responsive design for ecommerce. Click to enlarge infographic

How To Succeed at Responsive Design Without Really Trying

Last post we examined the pros and cons of responsive design for ecommerce. One of the biggest hindrances for websites embracing responsive is the time and effort it takes to get it done, and the risk of the unknown ROI the project carries. While a full ...

The Pros and Cons of Responsive Design for Ecommerce

Responsive design is not just a fad, it’s a real response to the need for websites to serve users across devices in an efficient and scalable way. But it’s been relatively slow to catch on with ecommerce — with only 2% of the IR500 using ...

How Time Adopted Responsive Design And Saved Time

Responsive design has a reputation for having slower performance compared to device-specific sites, but that doesn’t mean responsive sites have to be slow. Time Magazine is an example of a large (and image-heavy) site that’s made the move ...
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