153 Places to Market Your Blog

Blog ListWanna spice up your blog marketing? Bloggers can use this list to gain some relevant backlinks to help SEO and boost your exposure through RSS feed promotion. Or if you’re an ecommerce marketer, check out these sites to find bloggers in your niche.

(Hyperlinks to sites no longer in service have been removed).

51 Free Blog Directories That Pass Link Juice

My favorites are in Bold…


61 RSS Feed Directories


Added October, 2008: FeedBees
Added April, 2009: RSS001

27 Paid or Reciprocal Link Directories


14 Blog Directories (That Don’t Pass Link Soda)

Benefits of Blog Directories

  1. Backlinks – The editorial nature of directories give them a degree of weight with search engines (although how much weight each directory pulls depends on many factors).
  2. Traffic – Directories typically don’t send much traffic, but you never know.
  3. Research – You can use blog directories to research other bloggers in your niche to network with or subscribe to or build your blog roll. Or you can find bloggers to “pitch” to if you don’t have a blog.

Benefits of RSS Marketing

  1. Be Found In RSS Search – Submitting to RSS search engines like Ice Rocket can get your content discovered by people looking specifically for blog or news content.
  2. Get Found In Portals – Many online users are unaware that they’re even accessing RSS content when they subscribe to news through MyYahoo, MyMSN and other news reader services. Adding your feed to these services expands the reach of your content.
  3. Be Syndicated – Webmasters who can pull snippets of your blog stories and post them on their high traffic news and niche content sites, linking back to your site for the full story. They can find you through RSS search or surf the available content from news reader services you’ve submitted to.

Tips for Submission

  1. Make sure to include your main keyword somewhere in your title – for example “Greenthumb Home and Garden Blog” or “Gardening Blog – Greenthumb.” Switching up your titles not only helps keep your backlink profile looking more natural, you also have a better chance for ranking for variations of “keyword + blog” rather than putting all your eggs in one basket.
  2. Use variations of site descriptions to keep things looking natural.
  3. If you’re paying for a submission, make sure the page you expect to appear on is indexed by Google. How can you tell? Copy the URL, head over to the search engine, type in site:http://example.com/categories/yourcategory/page.php and hit Search. If a clickable listing appears, you at least know the page exists in Google and has a chance of passing some link kool-aid. If it doesn’t, keep your money!
  4. Other directories will offer you a free link if you add a link to their site first. Yes, reciprocal links are very outdated, and even risky. However, if you download the Blog and RSS Directory List HTML Code and post it somewhere on your blog, you’ll satisfy that requirement in a way that makes sense to your readers too (hint). However, I would only recommend this technique for personal blogs and Internet / marketing blogs, not for a corporate or ecommerce site as a big page of blog directory links can look tacky. If you repost this list, we really appreciate that you link back to us using to code at the bottom of the list.
  5. Some directories won’t link to you with a link that search engines will credit you for, rather they’ll use a rel=nofollow tag, redirect or “jump.” It doesn’t hurt to submit anyway, especially if they rank well in search engines for “your keyword + blogs” and might send you relevant traffic. But if you’re pressed for time, you might want to pass. But don’t worry, I’ve separated those directories into their own list so you can be sure the 50 Free Blog Directories below give real links.

About nine months ago, I compiled a list of blog directories based on posts from Robin Good and Lee Odden, and posted it on my personal blog. The other day I went back to it to make sure all the links were working and discovered many had disappeared off the face of the ‘Net! So I went through with a fine-tooth comb and revamped my list, and I want to share it with the blogger and ecommerce community. If you want to repost this list on your own blog, you can download the HTML code here.

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51 Responses to “153 Places to Market Your Blog”

  1. iCalvyn says:

    this nice listing are great…is nice for me as a newbie…i will submit my blog to all

  2. Devids says:

    this nice listing are great…

  3. Wonderful list and extremely useful.
    My heartfelt gratitude.

  4. I’ve tried all of these things and am still getting about 40 hits (tops) per day. I know that I’ve been only blogging for about 2 months, but would be nice to see the numbers grow.

    Any other suggestions?


    Richard Rinyai

  5. @ Richard,

    Blog directories are definitely not going to send you loads of traffic, but the back links to your blog you get will help you gain authority in search engines which can send you traffic – but these are not the ONLY links you should have. Definitely keep writing content, networking with other bloggers and linking back to their posts if you refer to their content on your blog.

    Also keep in mind that free directory submissions will be reviewed by a human, who often has a day job! It could take a few months just to get listed.

  6. Thanks for the list. I have just reworked all of my sites as blogs because blogging is so lucrative. My goal is to turn them into authority sites containing video, articles, and resources, and I’ve monetized them all.

    One of the reasons I went back to the WordPress platform is that blogs rank so much higher in the search engines. I would recommend to everyone that they also submit to the search engines, and write articles and submit them to article directories. You can even turn blog posts into articles. Make sure you include Addthis.com buttons so others can bookmark you and subscribe to your feed.

    Again, great post. This is the most comprehensive list I’ve seen, and you’ve included some good information on which ones to use.

    Jinger Jarrett

  7. Wow! Just when I started to submit my site to blog directories, I found your article. Pretty comprehensive list of directories I must say. This is very useful for me indeed. Thanks!

  8. Thank you! Very helpfull!

  9. Donna Miceli says:

    Wow! Great list. Thanks for the advice.

  10. Thank you for this great list. If I have some time, I will submit my blog to these. Thanks again :D, this is very helpful

  11. This is the first list I have seen neatly classified under different categories.
    Thank you very much.

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  16. John says:


    Please include my RSS directory http://www.rssaround.com/. It’s free for submission.

  17. Hi John,

    Thank you for stopping by our blog. I just want to clarify for our readers that there’s a difference between an RSS directory and a general directory (as yours is). An RSS directory allows you to submit your RSS feed for syndication on other sites (get more traffic/eyeballs). Your directory is one where you submit actual sites. Unfortunately your directory is too new to be considered useful for bloggers and online retailers.


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  19. I couldn’t agree more. Great article man!

  20. gybi says:

    Thanks for a list of directory’s. Please add our free feed directory – http://88tem.com to the list.

  21. Really, it will be helful for the webmaster and using this you can boost up trafic to your Website.

  22. [...] at Get Elastic: The Ecommerce Blog, there is good information that doesn’t necessarily explain the difference between an rss [...]

  23. Great collection and very useful for the webmaster because to promote your blog and through this to gain more trafic, it’s necessary to use RSS feed and blog directory.

  24. mapping says:

    This is the first list I have seen neatly classified under different categories.
    Thank you very much.

  25. kaks says:

    Hey mate. Really Brilliant work..
    Keep it up. I was searching for this Directories for so long time.

  26. [...] more modern version of article marketing would be syndicating your blog feed through RSS directories that various portals and news sites, for example, grab stories. You submit your blog feed (XML or [...]

  27. Hi,

    This is really good and posting and my search is ends here for blog directory list and how to use blogs.


    Sarfaraz Khan

  28. Ghada says:

    Hi Linda
    I like you article so much,, wonderful resource

    but, please tell how to use the HTML code??
    how and where to put it in my Blogger blog??


  29. @Ghada,

    If you’re using the Firefox browser you can select the list, click “View Selection Source” then copy and paste that into your blog editor. Not sure if that also works with other browsers.

  30. Otherwise, right click anywhere on this page and click “View Source” (different browsers use different wording) and copy and paste the html from there.

  31. Bob_H says:

    Hi Robin,

    I’ve just launched a UK-based Blog Directory that I hope you will consider.

    It has excellent Search capabilities, ratings system, featured Blogs and – it’s free.

    Thanks, Bob_H

  32. Blogged.com is a pretty quality blog directory fyi.

    Great list.

  33. andyd says:

    Very interesting and I hope very usefull for my blog info.Thanks

  34. Nick says:

    Great list man
    Thank you for share

  35. Kyle says:

    Thank you for the list and information.

  36. diesel says:

    It would be great if you could add http://blog-storm.com and http://humor-blogs.com when you have a chance. Please? Thanks!

  37. Jeff says:

    One of those links tried to pass a virus to me when I clicked it… It was “Feed Farm”, in the RSS category.

  38. burs says:

    Thank you for this informative read, I really appreciate sharing this great post. Keep up your work.

  39. Nice Blog and rss list its very helpful to my website ranking and Page rank thanks

  40. You can also list your site on ProBlogDirectory.com which pass link juice and which is best in SEO links…
    Submit now…

  41. hi this blog is add for rssdirectory.

  42. blogbal says:

    Great resource, can you please include http://www.blogbal.com/ to your list.

    It accept blog submissions…Thanks!

  43. Ritani says:

    I have found that my blog has become much more successful after submitting to your list of RSS Directories… Is it worth it to submit to the paid ones? Or is this just overkill….


  44. aryan says:

    don’t submit your blog to paid directories, Google may ban you. just submit your site in rss directories. and have fun! and one thing more directory submittion is second step , i hope you already submitted your blog to all search engines.

    for backlinking – your content is the best way for backlinks, if you content is good people will definately share it.

  45. fwisp says:

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  46. Victoria says:

    You have a great list! Thank you so much. I wanted to let you know that there are several links on there that are dead links.

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