Social Commerce on Product Pages – Why Not?

QuestionsFile this one under “why didn’t I think of that?” enables customers to ask and answer each others’ questions right on product pages using the Ask & Answer tool from Bazaarvoice.

Considering the popularity of both online forums and product reviews, it makes sense that customers ask and answer questions of each other about a product right on the product page. provides Q&A for every product it carries.

To encourage participation, requests it in a post-purchase email. The questions in the email are specific to the product and based on what would be most helpful to a shoe-buyer: “Do they run wide or small?” or “Are these heels formal enough for the prom?” Q&A in Action

Another shoe site, has a feedback mechanism called the Return-O-Meter, so prospective buyers can see why people returned an item – it fit short, it fit long etc. But’s approach covers the “long tail” of questions in consumers’ minds – and gives them an outlet to resolve them.


The concern with this type of user-generated product information is what you typically see on blogs and forums – spam comments, comments that are not useful, inflammatory comments about other members and so on. So proceed with caution, and make sure you have a dedicated team member moderating the conversation.

Another caveat is if nobody answers customers’ questions, or the answers are not helpful. has its representatives provide input (indicated with a badge) for most questions. Unfortunately I found several questions while surfing the site that have gone unanswered in over a month.

The big challenge is to get people taking the time to contribute. To encourage repeat participation, could implement a system reward top contributors with gift certificates or a chance at a prize draw, for example.

What do you think are the pros and cons of having social questions and answers?

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5 Responses to “Social Commerce on Product Pages – Why Not?”

  1. Jestep says:

    Seems like it could be a decent way to add some relevant user generated info to boring product pages. I would be very cautious in what gets added up there to avoid just junking up the page in addition to spam as you pointed out.

    A bike supply website that I often purchase from ( has been doing this for several years now. They have general and product specific FAQ’s on many of their individual product pages. Their Q&A’s are obviously moderated, but in order to keep a ecommerce website as professional and relevant as possible, I think it’s necessary.

  2. pwb says:

    Are comments limited to purchasers?

  3. I think this is a great idea.

    I’m not sure it would work on all sites, but I can absolutely see the benefit.

    Not everyone is up to posting an entire product review, more people may be willing to answer a direct question about the product.

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  5. Niky says:

    Not everyone is up to posting an entire product review, more people may be willing to answer a direct question about the product.

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