Special Link Love + I Want to Link to You Too!

I thought I’d do a special post to thank and share link love back with the bloggers who have so kindly helped promote my entry to Marketing Pilgrim’s 3rd Annual SEM Scholarship Contest. But there’s still 3 weeks before the contest closes, so there’s still time for YOU to link to 8 Stupid Things Webmasters Do To Mess Up Their Analytics. I promise to add you to this list in return, just fire me an email at linda.bustos AT elasticpath.com.

Don’t have a blog? You can join the 65 people who have bookmarked the post in del.icio.us.

On with the THANK YOUs…

  • The first to share the link with readers was Jure Cuhalev, a hacker-slash-linux-lover-slash-usability-expert. Jure’s currently the User experience and Community manager at Web 2.0 startup Zemanta. (Sounds a bit like “semantic?”) Zemanta is a blogging add-on that picks related posts to link to your posts, and it determined Jure’s Building Websites with Findability in Mind was related to 8 Stupid Things Webmasters Do To Mess Up Their Analytics (8STWDTMUTA for short). Thanks, Zemanta!

  • Next up was Kyle James who kindly included 8STWDTMUTA in his weekly link roundup on Friday, May 30. He also submitted it to Sphinn and it went hot! So big thanks to you, Kyle. As the .eduGuru, Kyle applies his Internet marketing know-how to his role as Webmaster at Wofford College, his alma mater.
  • Another link roundup included 8STWDTMUTA on May 30, this time from Ken Jones of the SEOpsCenter Blog. Ken is experienced in SEO for online retail, and blogs about what he learns as he learns it – you may just want to subscribe and join Ken for the ride.

So thank you once more to all of you who have voted with your mouse and headed over to Marketing Pilgrim to read the full article, emailed the link to friends, bookmarked it, blogged it, Stumbled it, Twittered it or however you share content with friends and colleagues. I pledge that should I win this contest, the knowledge I gain from the entire prize package will be shared with you through Get Elastic, no doubt.

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9 Responses to “Special Link Love + I Want to Link to You Too!”

  1. Thanks for the links! You have put together some amazing articles and you deserve all the link love we can give! Expect more in the future :)

  2. Matt McGee says:

    Linda – it would be great to meet you, too. Keep me posted on your plans, and thanks for the kind words. :-)

  3. Ken Jones says:

    Thanks for the links and the plug Linda.
    Best of luck for the Marketing Pilgrim comp. Fingers crossed for you ;-)

  4. Linda,

    I was just the lucky one who was the first to read and submit to sphinn. :)

    Any chance I could get a link back to the site in this post. Pleeeeeze. Can’t hurt to ask right?

  5. Hi Kyle,

    OOPS! I missed the link for you and added it now. That was my mistake, and thanks for catching that!


  6. Thanks for the link love. (Although I’m not an ambidextrous guitarist, I guess technically you can say that since I’m left-handed in most things but play the guitar right-handedly, that I am in some sense ambidextrous. It’s a stretch but I’m cool with it.)

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