Add Stimulus Checks to Your Event Marketing Calendar

Perhaps this is the one time of the year you can predict a large chunk of US consumers will be receiving some additional spending cash – tax rebate time. And many online retailers hope to cash in on customer’s stimulus checks, judging from the number of email campaigns and home pages jumping on this trend:

Stimulus 1

Stimulus 2

Stimulus 3

Stimulus 4

Stimulus 5

Stimulus 6

Stimulus 7

Stimulus 8

Stimulus 9

It’s a good idea to segment out your non-US subscribers for this type of messaging, even though the sale is extended to everyone. Non-US recipients will probably not understand your offer, and may think they are not eligible.

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3 Responses to “Add Stimulus Checks to Your Event Marketing Calendar”

  1. If you have to remind people that they have money, there is a good change they’ll never be able to make it through the checkout process anyway.

    What’s next? Offer payday loans so people can buy stuff they don’t have the money fore?

    I know I’m coming off negative, but I’m just not crazy about this type of marketing.

  2. I hear what you’re saying, but many people are planning on spoiling themselves with the rebate – it’s echoing what’s already in their mind.

  3. @CommerceStyle

    Well, payday loans already exist for online shoppers/retailers: BillMeLater.

    It is never a bad idea to re-assure or remind people of things. We have security icons in our browsers, but we re-assure people with security badges like Hackersafe and it seems to work. We remind people the amount they are saving on items at various stages of the buying process.

    I hear you, but we have entire industries based on the notion of reminding people they have the ability to purchase – credit cards anyone?

    It comes down to personal responsibility. Overall, I like this tactic a lot. Any uncommon event that a marketer can leverage should be at least considered.

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