Why Are Telecoms Dead Last in Email Effectiveness?

In the Email Tracking Report 2012, the DMA asked consumers “who does email well?” and ranked results by sectors. Telco finished dead last, behind financial services, utilities and even government agencies. Compared to online retail (38% satisfaction), ...
Shopping cart on a cellphone

Carrier Billing: Understanding the Other Alternative Payment

Alternative payments like PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon Payments, BillMeLater, direct debit and even COD are often offered alongside credit card options for payment. Not everyone has a credit card, or wants to share credit card information online. They ...
A red compare button and a white hand pressing it

20 Tips for Product Comparison Tools

What are the ingredients for a usable comparison table? We’ve updated our 17 comparison matrix tips to 24, using examples from the telecom industry, though these tips can be applied to any e-shop that uses compare tools. Category and search pages 1. ...
A person using a white mobile phone

Selling Value-added Services to Mobile Customers

No matter what industry you are in, if you have even one competitor, a compelling value proposition is critical to attract and keep customers. In the telecom industry, competition comes not only from other operators, but “new frenemies” like ...
A control remote pushing a shopping cart

t-commerce: 11 Innovations to “Watch”

What is t-commerce, exactly? If you Google t-commerce (or tcommerce), you’ll get results describing touch commerce (mobile), tablet commerce, Twitter commerce (no kidding), and television commerce. Will the real t-commerce please stand up? I won’t ...
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