The Best of Get Elastic: 2008

It’s the end of an exciting year for Get Elastic. Thank you to all our readers who have subscribed, forwarded, Tweeted posts and voted for Get Elastic in various contests. Happy New Year to you all, and if you’re a new reader, here’s a recap of the best of Get Elastic, 2008!



12 Things Retailers Must Learn from Christmas ’07 with Linda Bustos of Elastic Path Software + companion blog post

3 posts to check out:

Cross-Selling Tips for eCommerce
Hack Week Part 2 – Using Google Trends for International Search Marketing
Using Geo-IP to Tailor Content Delivery



Love Your Landing Pages with Ayat Shukairy of Invesp Consulting + blog recap

3 posts to check out:

Continue Shopping Means What?
Make Email Look Good In Gmail – 8 Design Tips for Images-Off
Social Media With a Side of SEO: Hold the Spam



Jon Stewart or Oprah: What’s Your Website Personality? with Carolyn Gardner of Sitebrand + blog recap
Effective Merchandising: What Sells? with Mike Svatek of Baynote + blog recap

3 posts to check out:

Tracking Affiliate Orders Through Telephone Sales
Tips for Tracking Offline Orders: PPC and Catalog
How to Ask for Customer Reviews – Nicely.



Web Analytics for Online Retailers with Eric T. Peterson from Web Analytics Demystified + blog recap

3 posts to check out:

Optimizing for Product Colors: Long Tail Gold or Duplicate Content?
Why Innocent Emails Get Flagged As Spam
Email Marketing Trend: Animated GIFs



The Key to PPC for Online Retailers with Ryan Gibson from the Rimm-Kaufman Group
+ blog recap

3 posts to check out:

Top Online Retailers Not Showing Up on Google!
PPC Advertising: Are You Selling Yourself In Your Ads?
404 Not Found Pages: The Good, The Bad & The Funny

Free White Paper:

How to Write an Ecommerce RFP



9 Ecommerce Innovations: What’s Now & What’s Next with Jason Billingsley of Elastic Path Software + blog recap

3 posts to check out:

Asking Customers to Go Steady: Tips for Repeat Orders
Using Product Images to Reduce Size and Color Fears
Improving Product Descriptions Using Competitor Customer Reviews



3 Things to Die For: Web Analytics Unleashed with Avinash Kaushik from Google Analytics + blog recap

3 posts to check out:

Can Product Images Improve Conversion? Showing Products in Context
Stop Google Analytics From Stealing Your Valuable AdWords Keyword Data
Should You Remove Keywords With Low Click Through Rates?



The Art and Science of Choosing Ecommerce Technology with Bernardine Wu of FitForCommerce + blog recap

3 posts to check out:

Yes Virginia There Is a Santa Claus & He Searches for Free Shipping
Holiday SEO: Using Amazon Bestsellers for Keyword Research
The Psychology of Numbers in PPC Ads



I Know I Should Be Testing, But with Bryan Eisenberg of Future Now Inc. + blog recap

3 posts to check out:

Optimizing Product Reviews for Different Buyer Personalities
Do Hacker Safe / McAfee Secure Badges Increase Sales?
Uncovering the Hidden Profit Treasures of Your Company



Holiday Wishlist for Mobile Commerce with Bill Mirabito of B2C Parnters + blog recap

Delivering an Integrated Ecommerce Experience for Empowered Customers with Josh Lannin of Oracle and Peter Sheldon of Elastic Path Software + blog recap

3 posts to check out:

Free Shipping: Got It? 10 Ways to Flaunt It
How to Find an Online Reputation Manager
Crutchfield Email Covers 4 Buyer Personalities



Multi-Store Retailing: Perks and Pitfalls with Jason Billingsley of Elastic Path Software + blog recap

3 posts to check out:

Should Retail Email Sell or Inform? An A/B Split Test Case Study
Tapping Twitter to Understand Customers and Develop Personas
CSN Stores Eases Howsers Last Minute FUDDs



Dangerous Marketing Ahead: How to Break Bad Habits and Survive a Deep Recession with Jeff Molander of Molander & Associates and Jonathan Salem Baskin, author of Branding Only Works on Cattle
+ blog recap

3 posts to check out:

Reducing Friction in the Sales Process
Where Will MAP Pricing Lead Online Retail?
Are Cash Discounts the Worst Incentives?

Once again, thank you for reading, subscribing to, commenting on, blogging about, Tweeting and forwarding Get Elastic with others in 2008, and we look forward to carry on the ecommerce marketing conversation with you full bore into 2009.

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  1. To Jason and Linda, hope ya’ll have a good 2009. Good luck to you both and thanks for all your help along the way.

  2. Wesley says:

    Some great posts the past year!

    Happy new year!

  3. Hulene says:

    ya i agree with Wesley thanks for all the posts hopefully this can continue and bring us some more for 2009

  4. Thanks for the list. It is always good to read good posts once more!

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