Big List of Ecommerce Gurus Who Twitter

Are you on Twitter yet?

If you’re still not sure what all this Twitter stuff is about, watch this short film by Common Craft: Twitter in Plain English

Can’t see the video? Click here.

If you’re in to ecommerce, you may want to follow Elastic Path’s VP of Innovation, Jason Billingsley and me, Linda Bustos — we are @jbillingsley and @Roxyyo, respectively.

Here’s a list of other e-commerce professionals I recommend you follow (in no particular order):

Analysts / Consultants / Bloggers

Bill Mirabito, B2C Partners

Brian Walker, Forrester Analyst

Sucharita Mulpuru, Forrester Analyst

Bryan Eisenberg, Bryan Eisenberg

Evan Schuman, Storefront Backtalk

Sally McKenzie,

Avinash Kaushik, Occam’s Razor

Eric T. Peterson, Web Analytics Demystified

Keith Anderson, RetailNetGroup

Chad White, Retail Email Blog

Josh Greene, / Discovery Channel Store /

Anna Yeaman, StyleCampaign

Khalid Saleh, Invesp Consulting

Ayat Shukairy, Invesp Consulting

DJ Waldow, Bronto Software Blog

Carolyn Gardner, Persuasive eMarketing Blog / Sitebrand

Randy Smythe, MyBlogUtopia

Bob Angus, Verisign

Rick Galan, Conversation Rate

Kent Zimmerman, Background Noise

Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor

Rich Page, Website Optimizer Blog

Dan Shields, Shield Design

Chris Goward, The Wider Funnel

Tim Leighton-Boyce, Web Analyst Find Tim on Facebook

Brian Branca,

Retail News / Publications


Retail Week

Retailer Daily

Update: Rich Page has a great list of Web analysts and marketers to follow on Twitter also (some duplication between lists)

Retailers On Twitter

Kids Coats

Ecodiscoveries (natural cleaning products)

Sachin Agarwal, Dawdle (video games)
@sachinag (personal) @dawdledotcom (Dawdle team)

Cliff Aliperti, Things and Other Stuff (vintage movies)

Matty Curry, Witshire Farm Foods (home delivered meals)

Vendio (eBay management software)

Summer Fisher, BusySummer Swimsuits

Ocean of Tea

Macala Wright, 1928 Jewelry (vintage and costume jewelry)
@macalawright & @1928jewelry

Alex, (Canadian health and beauty products)

Jak, (ladies’ shoes)

Dave Tate, (powerlifting & strength training equipment)

Tamra Krefman, ShopItToMe (shopping alerts)

David, (sports merchandise)

Adarsh, Arena Flowers (UK flower delivery)

Ecommerce Circle

** I said I wouldn’t post non-English accounts, but I know we have a significant French readership, so if you parle Francais, check out Laurent Evain at ILoveWeb and @iloveweb

If you’re an online retailer and read Get Elastic, and would like to be added to our list and start connecting with other retailers via Twitter, drop your name, your website and @twitter-name and I’ll add it to this list.

I’m guaranteed to have missed some folks, if I’ve missed you and you work in or blog about eCommerce, please let me know. I do want to keep this list to Twitterers who work in the eCommerce industry, and only include Twitter feeds in English as we expect this list to grow quite large, to keep it manageable and laser-focused. Also, please only nominate yourself, not other people who should be on the list. Of course, if you feel someone should be on the list, send them a link to this post and encourage them to comment!

UPDATE: Check out Keith Anderson and the Retail Net Group’s list for more.

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49 Responses to “Big List of Ecommerce Gurus Who Twitter”

  1. [...] more names?  Check out Linda Bustos’ awesome list.  Or check out all the people @thatsoftwareguy is following. addthis_url = [...]

  2. [...] If you like the online retail world and want to hang out at the water cooler, so to speak, you may consider signing up for Twitter (if you haven’t already) and following all the retail-tweeters I’m following including analysts, bloggers, consultants and retail publishers. Check out our big list of ecommerce gurus on Twitter. [...]

  3. Thanks for all the good people to follow. You don’t have to put me on the list but people can follow me if they want at @Dan_The_Man

  4. We’re a retailer and manufacturer of kids clothes. Love the post. @kidscoats

  5. Ayat says:

    thanks for the mention Linda :)

  6. Josh says:

    At – @josh_greene

  7. natural cleaning products that work! But efficacy isn’t enough! help us net work! @ecodiscoveries

  8. Bob Angus says:

    Wow! Thrilled to be part of this list. Everyone on here are folks I follow everyday for their insights.

    Thanks Linda!

  9. I’m on Twitter personally at @sachinag ( and the team is on at @dawdledotcom ( Thanks for the list!

  10. Keep the comments and addition coming, I’m going to do a big update on Monday :)

  11. Selling vintage collectibles at various online venues and always tweeting about ecommerce … @andotherstuff on twitter

    Thanks for the list!

  12. run – UK site that sells ready meals to the elderly. Deeply unsexy sounding, but the average visitor is 73, and we have a conversion rate you probably only dream about.

    anyway @mattycurry – when I’m not rambling I do occasionally tweet about work :-)

  13. Linda and Jason,

    Thanks for the mention in this post. I was wondering where all the new followers were coming from. Of course now, I feel I must “up” my game.


  14. E-Commerce Strategist/Hack – @kzimmerman on Twitter!

  15. Aussie designer swimsuits – following me has the added advantage of bikini photo shoots:) @busysummer

  16. Helen says:

    Hi Linda and Jason,

    Thanks for publishing this list!


    We are an eCommerce platform and offer solutions to over 50K sellers of all sizes.

  17. Conversion Rate Optimization Blog at:

    Twitter at

  18. DJ Waldow says:

    Linda -

    Thanks for the shout out. Not sure I’d consider myself an “e-commerce professional” but I certainly spend many hours of my day thinking about email and online retail.

    dj (bronto)

  19. Great list,thanks! Eager to join the conversation. I twitter about e-commerce (and other things!) at @mckenziesa

  20. Super list! Have been looking for something like this.

    I’d love to join the conversation too, so many interesting things afoot in ecommerce.

    I twitter (new in the last few weeks) and blog (for the last couple years) on entrepreneurship and ecommerce: @jeremyhanks and

    I’m founder and president of Doba, and have been pretty involved in ecommerce for the last 10 yrs or so with Doba and other companies.

    Thanks again for the list!

  21. We’d love to be added!



  22. Macala Wright – 1928 Jewelry Director of Marketing & Publicity @macala

    1928 Jewelry – @1928jewelry

  23. My pleasure, you’re all added :)

  24. Alex says:

    Am I too late? – Canadian online health and beauty store

  25. Jak says:

    very cool list, thanks for the resource – @highheels

  26. Rich Page says:

    Thanks very much for including me – I am honored. And thanks for including my list too!

  27. Great list (and thanks for including us!) We keep a similar (but less focused list) here:

  28. Dave Tate says:

    Elite Fitness Systems
    President and CEO


  29. Nobody is too late! I’ve just updated again and added Keith’s list as a link.

    Keep spreading the word :)

  30. Shop It To Me — get the heads up when your fave brands go on sale in your size!

  31. Tim Leighton-Boyce says:

    Can I join in please? I specialise in e-commerce analytics for SMEs in the UK and tweet about things related

  32. Laurent says:

    Very cool list

    you can add La Redoute twitter

  33. Once again another great list. I don’t see how ya’ll have the time to come up with all of these great articles:)

    Here’s my twitter info for inclusion if it’s not too late:

  34. This a nice list will add all of them to twitter.

    You could add us too. We are leading online florists in the UK delivering, fresh ethically sourced flowers.

    Our Twitter URL:

    Many thanks


  35. Updated again, thanks everyone.

  36. Love the list! I’ve been looking for more good ecommerce people to following on Twitter. I blog about ecommerce in between development work. @spetracco

  37. Thanks much! I’m new to Twitter – so this will definitely help me out.

  38. I am the Global Email Deliverability Director and Blogger from Premiere Global Services

    I am on Twitter talking about Email and Social Marketing

  39. Iflorist says:

    Interesting to see the boom of Twitter in recent times is due to E-commerce.

    We are also on Twitter follow us at

    We specialise in same day flowers and next day international flower delivery.



  40. Beth says:

    Good to see the list of twitter ecommerce gurus. Looking forward to join twitter.

  41. Sheila says:

    We’d also love to be added to the twitter ecommerce list as well.

    Thanks for the great list! We really appreciate your help!


  42. Would love to be included:

    Twitter: @ eCommerceCircle


  43. I liked your post but you can actually start using a few social sharing links I’ve observed all over the place, this way I could e-mail this particular blog post to my mates :)

  44. Kerrin says:

    I would also love to be included. At I cover a range of information, help guides and tips & tricks for online store owners on the practicalities of ecommerce for home businesses/small businesses.



  45. Great list! We are UK based online florists, twitter: @ModeFlowers

  46. Ron Rule says:

    Another for the list, @ronrule

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