Walmart Bundles Up for The Holidays

Why cross-sell when you can bundle?

Product bundles are a great way to increase average order size, deliver a value proposition and even creatively sweeten the deal when MAP (minimum advertised price) regulations apply to a product (offering free or discounted bundled items).

Walmart is promoting value bundles this year on everything from computers to toys. Here’s a recent email:

And here’s a close-up of one of the bundles’ product pages:

“Get more, save more and spend less when you buy these items together.” Brilliant. Customers can even choose their options right on the product page and the total updates itself at the bottom.

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3 Responses to “Walmart Bundles Up for The Holidays”

  1. We have recently added bundles with savings and it has helped increase our conversion rate as well.

    Bundles are a good way to deliver more value and help increase conversions.

  2. Ed Kohler says:

    That’s a great strategy. Unfortunately, many shopping carts today don’t have this type of functionality. But they should.

  3. Toy Store says:

    Our shopping cart can’t do this out of the box, but there’s an add-on product for it. The problem is that you can’t do inventory management with it – the kits (aka bundles) don’t have their individual products’ inventory count decremented when the kit is purchased. I’d love a good solution for this!

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