What You Need to Know About CISPA [Infographic]

The latest bill ending in “PA” that’s buzzing the Internet is CISPA. What’s it all about? This week’s Infographic Friday explains why many people are concerned about its impact on privacy of communication.

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How could this impact ecommerce?

Should this become law, we could see more people spending less time on social networks, which could impact the effectiveness of social media marketing. It could also cause more fear of sharing personal information like names, addresses and phone numbers to make purchases online and use apps and subscription services, whether these activities are related to “cyberthreats” or not.

Infographic credit: Paralegal.net


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4 Responses to “What You Need to Know About CISPA [Infographic]”

  1. Thanks for putting this on my radar – I hadn’t head of it before. I wonder if the web community will rally together against it like they did for SOPA, which generated an impressive level of outspoken condemnation. This almost sounds like an online version of the Patriot Act….

  2. Dave McSomethin' says:

    This is b*llsh*t!
    They’re systematically degrading our constitutional rights, while POTUS claims to be a constitutional scholar, so I guess he would know better than most how to circumvent all of our protections. I just hope a change in administrations can slow the degradation of our freedoms, because without freedom, all we have is a bunch of over-leveraged real estate. Please make some real loud noise fellow patriots. David McDermott :(

  3. So how can we get this one stopped like SOPA ?

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