What’s Behind Google Glass?

Reaching in your pocket, entering a passcode, putting down your Starbucks – these things are all “distractions that take you out of the moment” present with smartphone and tablet use. Google’s Glass team wants to solve the problem of technology getting in the way of your daily life activities. Their vision is a piece of technology that’s there when you need it and unobtrusive when you don’t. Glass is a way to bring technology closer to your senses, and enable you to connect in a faster way.

Joshua Topolsky is one of the privileged few who’ve actually been able to try them out. Check out this footage from his visit with its engineers.

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Glass and iWatch are just 2 of the possible gadgets that may displace smartphones in the future. Google hopes Glass is a consumer-ready product by the end of this year.

Without an interface, does Google Glass have potential for ecommerce? Stay tuned, we’ll discuss next post…

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3 Responses to “What’s Behind Google Glass?”

  1. VIktor Kis says:

    Joshua provided such a great, detailed article on the use of Google Glass. This really is the future present in 2013, however as even the interview points out, just a “future 1.0″ version. The use of Glass is currently limited and forking out $1500+tax (if you’re lucky) poses the question whether being an early adopter is really worth it. The time to buy the Glass will come when Google creates an API or provides developers with the option to create third-party software.

    Honestly, we can talk about how cool it’s going to be to look at any product and bring up reviews, price comparison sites and such…however (not to be creepy) the real “e-commerce” revenue will probably stem from the gaming and sex industry. And then there is the whole issue with blurring lines between reality and virtual worlds and privacy (as the article points out it’s easy to go on recording without the subject’s consent, etc).

    Although, the future has always been like that, changes are scary and exciting. Embracing this technology is perfectly aligned with the vision of any cyborg blogger in 2013.

  2. VIktor Kis says:

    Also: the Pebble watch is a similar concept to the iWatch.


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