Why Ecommerce Sites are Getting Slower [Infographic]

This week’s infographic Friday Thursday is courtesy of Radware, sharing insights from their recent survey of 2,000 top trafficked ecommerce sites (Alexa), comparing year-over-year data on website performance (site speed).

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  • The median page load speed for ecommerce sites is 7.25s (<3s ideal) Tweet this
  • The median page load speed for ecommerce sites in 2012 was 22% slower than 2011 Tweet this
  • The top 100 ecommerce sites (Alexa) are 14% slower than average, with 9% more resource requests Tweet this
  • Only 25% of top 2000 ecommerce sites use CDN (content delivery networks) Tweet this
  • 87% of top 2000 ecommerce sites use keep alives to increase page speed Tweet this
  • 78% of top 2000 ecommerce sites compress text to increase page load speed Tweet this

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One Response to “Why Ecommerce Sites are Getting Slower [Infographic]”

  1. Michael Wendel says:

    As I was discussing this with come colleagues they and I thought there were a lot of things to consider when looking at this study.

    a) They’re using Alexa rankings to determine the top 2000 eCommerce sites – they are unlikely to line up 1-on-1 with the IR Top 500 or even Top 1000. There are plenty of sites that get tons of traffic that don’t make a ton of sales for one reason or another. (Such as flash sales sites – you would expect them to get A LOT of traffic, but only do X amount of business either due to selling out or limited time availability of items and offers.)

    b) Moreover, Alexa rankings (traditionally, this may have change since I last looked) reflect the users of browser installed tool bars.which rules out a lot of people – people who won’t install toolbars or the toolbar gets disabled due to anti-virus and most likely large numbers of corporate users. How many toolbars are installed and actively returning good usable data to Alexa today? And can you still “game” the Alexa rankings?

    c) I believe that most people building the top eCommerce sites know that slow loading times are usually the result of poor optimization and not using asynchronous loading for 3rd party scripts.

    d) If I went by the IR Top500 I would be concerned if this is true – “25% of top 2000 ecommerce sites use CDN” – I don’t know of a single eCommerce platform provider that doesn’t use Akamai and/or some other homegrown CDN/caching engines to optimize performance. And almost all merchants building their own sites (except the smallest ones, sometimes) are using something to cache content.

    e) This only tested homepages – no sub-pages, no marketing campaign landing pages, etc. It’s highly possible that significant traffic never sees this page as SEO deep links in Google search results take them directly to lighter faster loading pages.

    This study might be better revisited and repositioned as the top 10 or 20 reasons your home page doesn’t load in under 3 seconds.

    Food for thought.

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