Why Responsive Email Matters [Infographic]

While we all get hyped up about responsive design for websites, let’s not forget responsive email. EmailMonks has compiled some data on how and when mobile users check email on their devices (via SmartInsights).

With only 25% of companies observed sending mobile-friendly email, and 73% of US mobile users checking email on their devices daily, sub-optimal email experience should keep many a marketer up at night.

Responsive email infographic for ecommerce marketers

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  • 43% of emails are read over mobile devices, expected to top 50% by end of 2013 Tweet this
  • 73% of Americans check email on their smartphone daily, 62% in UK, 57% in Australia Tweet this
  • 43% of mobile email users check email 4+ times/day vs. 29% that don’t use mobile email Tweet this
  • iPhone leads all email clients for email opens (yes, even desktop) with 23% (Outlook 19%, Gmail 4%) Tweet this
  • Only 3% of email users view a single email on both mobile and desktop. The other 97% are read only once. Optimize for mobile! Tweet this
  • Mobile is the preferred device for checking email on the weekend Tweet this
  • 38% of mobile users open emails based on interesting subject lines, 23% to pass time Tweet this
  • Top 3 preferred email messages: special offers (27%), promo/voucher (21%), order tracking/delivery info (21%) Tweet this
  • 75% of companies do not create mobile friendly email Tweet this

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4 Responses to “Why Responsive Email Matters [Infographic]”

  1. Mike says:

    I don’t know if it’s a very common pattern, but on my smartphone I only read the emails marked as “Important” (Gmail’s Priority Inbox). This leaves out commercial ones.

  2. Mike says:

    This infographic, while correct in how people view emails, does not account for the depressing state of email client compliance. Many email clients do not support modern technologies such as media-queries. Others, such as gmail, actively work against the coded email to strip pieces out to better “fit” into the gmail experience. Outlook itself, as well as the mail app in windows 8 also does not support media-queries or incorrectly reports it.

    While using responsive techniques may be useful if an individual is using a client that allows the tech in use to work, doing mobile-first fluid design is far more friendly. Then one could use media-queries to add some extra enhancements but certainly should not expect it to work everywhere.

    additional resource:

  3. I love info graphics. I am trying to rationalize why less people check their email from their phones around the world. How can a feature that is so readily available on most phones be used less?

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