Will Mobile Commerce Overtake Ecommerce? [Infographic]

This week’s Infographic Friday focuses on mobile commerce. How quickly is it catching up to desktop commerce? Click to enlarge infographic

Credit: BigCommerce

Tweetable mobile commerce stats:

  • Mobile commerce expected to grow to $31B by 2016 Tweet this
  • Half of retailers have a mobile site, less than a third optimized for tablets Tweet this
  • ~1 in 2 Americans are interested in mobile wallets, over ½ of these have used in last 3 mos via @getelastic Tweet this
  • ~1 in 5 smartphone users scanned a QR code in 2011 via @getelastic Tweet this
  • 73% of QR code scanners scanned for product info, 32% for coupons and offers Tweet this
  • 1 in 3 phones sold worldwide are smartphones Tweet this
  • 1 in 5 research products on mobile devices while watching TV Tweet this
  • Men prefer to make purchases on their phones, women on tablets Tweet this
  • Mcommerce projections 2012: Men to spend $677, Women to spend $489 Tweet this

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9 Responses to “Will Mobile Commerce Overtake Ecommerce? [Infographic]”

  1. Love the infographic. Real interesting to see m-commerce is mostly centered around smaller purchases of $20 and less. I have seen a lot of people do the shopping on their mobile devices but then wait to make the bigger purchases on their home computer. I still think there is a psychological aspect to it and some people don’t feel as secure on their mobile devices.

  2. Edwin Lap says:

    Great infographic. I find it interesting that tablets are being more being women for mobile shopping. This may change with the new nexus 7 and the new iPad tablet coming in September.

  3. Nice and informative infographic – It’s a no brainer that m-commerce is on it’s way to overtaking e-commerce. I’ve seen a lot of statistics floating about at the moment such as 38% of the smartphone population have now completed a purchase from their device and Clothing, Health and Beauty, Food & Drink are the top categories that are booming at the moment.

  4. Even though I own an iPhone for several years now, I haven’t made a simple purchase with it online. With iPad – yes, but that doesn’t count as mobile, does it?

    Maybe it’s just me but I really can’t see the joy of using super small screens to shop online – especially when I’m in front of a desktop PC, 24in screen for at least several hours each day.

  5. Nicole Smith says:

    Hi. As per my knowledge, mobile commerce is giving e-commerce a hard competition and is expected to take over it completely by the next few years. However, I am not sure if mobile commerce is more popular with men compared to women.

  6. Fuchs says:

    I wonder if the statistics are comparable for Europe?

  7. Alexander says:

    I see mobile commerce not as mobile at all. We tend to include tablets into m-commerce even though 95% of them are used from home. So I see a shift from computers to tablets for e-commerce combined with a growing user base of tablets as they are also used by people who did not own a PC before.

    I agree that the Nexus 7 and other low budget tablets will accelerate the move remarkably now.

  8. Great infographic. I think by the time m-commerce equals e-commerce sales, which is not far away, we will start being the merge between offline and online commerce. It is this area that is going to create the greatest opportunity for new business.

  9. Very interesting indeed to see that digital content accounts for the most sales!

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