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10 ways to boost ecommerce this holiday season


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The holidays are not a reason to take a break when it comes to ecommerce, but rather an occasion to make adjustments to increase sales. Here are ten ways to help boost ecommerce this holiday season:

1.Customer Appreciation 

There are a number of ways to transform a casual customer into a repeat loyal one. It can be as simple as demonstrating how important they are:

  • Acknowledge birthdays and other holidays with the help of email, instant messengers or SMS
  • Provide individual exclusive discounts
  • Offer loyalty cards

For example, Intuit offers to use its free finance-management app to educate its customers on how to improve their financial situations by accurately distributing their budget. 

Mint_The Street_Get Elastic
Source: The Street

Buyers return only when they like your store. Do not neglect the opportunity to supplement your main competitive advantages with additional reasons to return for new purchases such as loyalty programs and special offers.


IGTV is a relatively new medium for communication with your subscribers in Instagram using live video. Today, images are not enough to attract users, and the growing popularity of video formats confirms this.

The growing number of people watching videos is not the only thing that is changing. Users also consume video format in a completely different way. With the increasing use of mobile devices, people are increasingly watching videos vertically, and IGTV uses this trend.

Since IGTV was launched in June 2018, a form of Instagram video is gaining popularity. Accordingly, more and more users are launching their IGTV channels to communicate with the audience. In February 2019, Instagram added a preview function, and after that, views on IGTV videos increased by 300-1000%

How to get the most out of this trend?

  • First, analyze competitors and determine what videos are appealing to the brand’s audience
  • Share videos with instructions on how to best use your products
  • Preserve the authenticity and demonstrate the human side of the business to increase brand confidence and loyalty

For example, the brand Warby Parker uses IGTV to interview influencers and increase engagement. 

Warby Parker_Skillslab_Get Elastic
Source: Skillslab

3.Facebook Ads (for B2C Segment)

Facebook’s advertising network provides an impressive reach for users around the world. If you have a website or landing page on which you collect leads, more than 15 different formats, and many ways to optimize advertising campaigns are available to you.

  • If there is no landing page, then there are other ways to collect potential customer contacts. For example, use the form of leads or send them to instant messengers.
  • If you have an online store, create a product feed, and run dynamic remarketing.
  • To solve the problems of increasing awareness, it is possible to buy traffic with a price per impression and place video ads.

The main reason why should you use this way to support sales on holidays is the fact that 2.1 billion of people are using Facebook every day. This is a great opportunity to stay connected regardless of the season, holidays and other factors. 

4. Refresh Product Offering

According to the empirical law of Pareto, only 20% of efforts bring 80% of the result, and the remaining 80% form only 20% of success. How does this principle apply to online shopping and increase sales?

Replace the goods that are firmly stuck in the warehouse with other items that are more popular. Think about what positions of the 80% of inefficient inventories can be “put on sale” to make room for new offers. Demand is unstable, you cannot control its rise and fall. So, the business owner will have to show maximum flexibility, adjust the range, and satisfy the wishes of customers. See how can you present your product in the feature-focused, image-focused or universal way. Come up with A/B testing to find out what approach suits your store best. 

5. Banners

This method does not mean the filling of the site with bright pictures and flashing elements. No need to go to extremes, and repeat the experience of these quite bad examples. Just add some prominent banners with the right design in terms of marketing psychology and a personalized offer for each visitor.

6. Site Usability

Many people may not understand how this contributes to the task to increase sales. However, the usability factor directly affects conversion. The usability of your website is the main indicator of positive shopping experience, so make sure to check the following parameters:

  • the presence of 404 pages
  • the site’s speed
  • the simplicity of registration and filling in the order form
  • the bounce rate that will directly tell you whether you need to improve the usability

Therefore, an online store with good usability will generate a decent profit even with a small amount of traffic. Analyze the following examples of good and poor usability embodied on the websites of some brands and draw your own conclusions.

7. SEO

SEO is the long-run investment that will bring you new customers in the long-term perspective. This is achieved by choosing the right keywords, choosing the most effective advertising channels and other methods that help increase sales. All of this must be based on a clear understanding of your target audience and ways to attract its attention. For example, learn how Old Guys Rule are making 500% ROI using Storeya’s traffic booster. 

8. Seasonality of Demand 

In one form or another, practically all types of business are subject to seasonal factors. At first glance, this is a minus, but, on the other hand, it can be turned into a plus. To do this, you just need to be well prepared for the seasonal growth in demand, both in terms of website promotion and advertising and regarding the organization of the online store.

If during the onset of the season you can take the top lines of the search for targeted queries and process all orders, then a good profit is ensured.

As an example, let’s consider such a holiday as the New Year. It is necessary to prepare for it from the beginning of September-October. In this case, use for this both SEO and content marketing.

You need to develop a separate content marketing strategy to be implemented during holiday season. For example, if you sell dishes, then during the holidays you can write interesting content about what is better to cook these days and how beautifully to set the table, with the relevant keywords, of course. 

9. Provide More Specifics

Examine your content in which your products or services are mentioned. You need to eliminate any incomprehensible and vague phrases and provide your customers with information so that they no longer have any additional questions.

To increase sales, you need to specify the benefits of your product. Understand that this is much more important for the buyer than the stories about how much joy he or she will get by purchasing this product. For example, see how Nike tells about their products. 

Nike_Get Elastic
Source: Nike

10. Customer Service

It is very important to constantly analyze the reasons why transactions do not reach their logical conclusion. Why did the order fail? Why is the shopping cart abandoned? Determine at what stage customers are faced with problems and make every effort to correct the situation. For example, Zappos responds to every email received personally.

Zappos_Help Sccout_Get Elastic
Source: Help Scout

Try to implement one of the following tips weekly and then analyze the result. To increase ecommerce sales, it is not necessary to invest huge budgets and completely redo the entire site. Small improvements in processes and on the technical side are capable of providing an increase in revenue. 

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  1. Great insights, IMO speaking of great visuals are crucial in the eCommerce field because they are part of a salesperson’s first impressions in the buying process. This impression can make or break an eCommerce store. If we want our product photos to look even more professional [than] a simple, white background can do any eCommerce store a consistent look. So it is time to invest in high-quality product photos.


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