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5 tips to improve web UX for maximum conversions


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Usability. Efficiency. Accessibility. All these terms converge to give life to UX design. 

Good UX fully utilizes web elements and offers a clear and intuitive interface, hence encouraging the conversion rates. 

Most of the time, UX revolves around enhancing the experience consumers have when interacting with your product. It’s about making sure they find value in what you’re offering. 

When users enter your site, they need an experience that speaks to them. Their interaction with every element on each page counts. If they convert into leads, your sales may increase. If they can’t find what they require and your design baffles them, your conversion rate may dwindle to the point of no return. 40% of the visitors don’t spend more than 3 seconds on the page and abandon the site.  

Even enlarging an icon or changing a button can drive sales. This article features five tips to improve UX design and generate sales. With each tip, you’ll go through real-life examples of how UX design improvement can bring about positive change.  

1.    Optimize Visual Elements 

Optimization is necessary. If it isn’t there, your page takes too long to load. Optimization for visuals refers to your images, text, videos and other media. When your landing page is devoid of any of these, your pages lose the appeal. 

If your pages use high-quality photos and videos and still take more than the usual time to load, you might reconsider switching to optimized media. Doing so leverages two benefits. First, your audience gets to see the images that are distinctive to you and your business. Secondly, your page lightens up and loads faster. 

For instance, is an optimization tool that shows you if your images are optimized, among other elements. 

5 tips to improve web UX for maximum conversions_image optimization

If you have media that needs optimization, there are a few tools that will compress images and videos:

2.    Include a clear call to action (CTA) button  

An effective CTA button for conversion should be something valuable for the user. The most common copy used in CTA buttons are: Sign up, Save up X%, Order now and Download.

Regardless of the site’s purpose, a clear CTA will motivate visitors as it will improve the user experience. However, it should be placed on each page of the website to maintain its use and importance. Most of all, it should be meant to facilitate the user’s actions. Here is a good example

5 tips to improve web UX for maximum conversions_Netflix

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing a CTA button: 

  • The color of your CTA should be a prominent one, i.e., it should stand out from the rest of the page. Use contrasting colors with text that pops out. 
  • Since your call to action is a straight-on incentive to move, make sure it doesn’t contain too much text or passive verbs.

3.    Keep it short and creative

Visitors don’t spend time on the content they don’t like. And the reasons for their dislike? Exhaustive content and boring, commonplace visuals. Even if your page lacks the images or videos, a creative display can help you convert viewers into leads. 

Also, keeping your website minimal is a way to convey your message using few words. Ultimately, your conversions are affected as you remove the clutter and make your website as light as a feather. Remember, the fewer the elements used creatively, the more they help in quick conversions. 

Here’s an example from California Calling. 

5 tips to improve web UX for maximum conversions_California Calling

As you enter the website, the animation plays through the text, giving the page a ‘less is more’ vibe. With fewer images or videos, the webpage displays imaginative creativity. Organize your page contents well and let the visitors find their way through it. 

4.    Be customer-centric

Viewers are touched by emotions, where they convert to leads. Though your approach surrounds your business, the UX design should present the appeal and put your customer’s needs before anything else.

Since your business targets a specific audience, you must sell to them. At first, it looks like a bad idea, but you must have a way to it. You have to charm them with what your business offers and how it offers value to them.

You meet the requirements of your customers by targeting their interests aligned with your creativity and unique selling points. Like the example below, you can state what you do and how it affects the lives of your visitors. 

5 tips to improve web UX for maximum conversions_Push Inc.

5.    Use Targeted Headlines

Site visitors are looking for value in your content. This is where your headline and tagline must dictate your message to your customers. Include your keywords that are targeted in your headline, slogan and content body to make your site well-optimized for ranking. 

When making SEO your friend, a common keyword can help your users find you and spend some time exploring the content in your UX-friendly website. For instance, if you’re looking for an all-in-one marketing platform, searching the term might bring you to Mailchimp, because:

5 tips to improve web UX for maximum conversions_Mailchimp

Besides improving your site’s UX, the targeted headings can help you rank in the top results. As you can see, it’s all about easing the user experience from searchability to site knowledge. 

UX is simply an effort that simplifies the user journey and approach to finding their desired products. Make sure your pages are well aligned to the defined goals, after which you can be sure that conversions will soon follow. 

Loius Martin
Loius Martin
Loius works at Invictus Studio, where he helps brands break through the noise and tell a compelling brand story.
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