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Insights from Ecommerce Experts

7 ecommerce packaging tips for food and beverage manufacturers


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Apart from changing the game rules, ecommerce has created a completely new game for the food and beverage industry. Food and beverage manufacturers now have to think about a completely different approach over their standard packaging for retail if they want to succeed in an ecommerce-driven world.

As per the Statista DMO, “online sales of physical goods hit $634 billion in 2018, and it could cross $740.4 billion by 2023.” 

Online sale of products has a process that requires more damage risks and touchpoints in comparison to a traditional sale. A common product placed on the retail shelf may have a dozen touches while on the ecommerce platform it has more than 20 touches. This means that manufacturers selling their products through ecommerce channels need to focus on the following areas while packaging their products:

1. Customers’ expectations     

You need to evaluate your product before its packaged. Is it a money-saving or high-end product that holds an increased customer experience on the receipt? You can create brand loyalty and retain patrons by giving a unique unboxing experience. For this, think about the personalization of packaging with unique designs or functional enhancement. You can include personalized labels and stickers with printed personal messages, recipes or a thank you note for your customers.

For instance, Galen Leather, a Turkey-based leather goods manufacturer, surprises their customers with free gifts along with a thank you note. With this, they have been successful in winning their customers’ trust apart from fulfilling needs.  

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Source: The Well-Appointed Desk

2. Product packaging usability

The package of food or beverage itself needs to be usable. It means that customers can use the package for other purposes after using the product inside. For example, you should use jars instead of bottles or small carton boxes for packaging items. Around five years ago, Hellman’s completely replaced its squeeze bottles with jars for bringing an increase in its sale of mayonnaise.   

3. Prioritize the safety while packaging 

Food items like potatoes and noodles may get damaged while being handled in transportation. You need to take efforts in packaging to ensure the safety of food products during transportation. The products should be in their original shapes and sizes when they reach the customers. Kore Kitchen pays special attention to its packaging of food items, as they use containers to pack beverages and recyclable bottles for the safety of foods.  

Kore Kitchen_Prioritize the safety while packaging_Get Elastic

4. Let your food package spread your brand message 

Packaging can also help you send your brand message to customers. You just need to determine what message you want to deliver. Consider your food or beverage packaging as an extension to your business brand. For this, you can focus on your product package design. Buffalo Wild Wings, a sports bar and restaurant, has learnt the art of delivering its brand message on its food packaging.

Buffalo Wild Wings_Let your food package spread your brand message_Get Elastic
Source: CW Hahn Co.

5. Use the right packaging technology 

Ecommerce has created a need to review your packaging from all angles – whether it is size, sustainable materials, adding personalization attributes or product personalization. The right packaging helps you maintain customer loyalty and retain consumers. It is clear here that you need to take utmost care of everything from material to personalization and packing size.

6. Insert product samples

In the ecommerce world, you should take every possible effort in product packaging. One of the best ways to get repeated orders is placing a sample food items inside the pack of the product ordered online by a customer. It can be valuable for various reasons. One of them is that customers can place an order for the product you have placed as a sample inside the pack.

A UK based e-store, BrainZyme, sells nutritional supplements online. They have three types of products. To sell another product, they place a product sample inside the pack so that their customers can try it and place an order for the same. It has helped the company gain word-of-mouth, as the company found that their customers mentioned the product samples to their friends, relatives and acquaintances.   

BrainZyme_insert product samples_Get Elastic

7. Place coupons of discounts inside the box

Inserting a discount offer in the form of coupons is a straightforward type of packaging. Yes, you can send discount offers via email, however, placing the discount offers inside the box ensures that the coupons will directly be in the hands of the customers who ordered particular products online.

For example, Shea Brand, an online seller of beauty products, places several types of inserts inside the package to drive the loyalty of their customers. They place discount offers in the form of stickers in the box.   

Shea Brand_Place coupons of discounts inside the box_Get Elastic
Source: Shopify


  1. First of all, I would like to say thanks to author for sharing such a great tip with us as food packaging in Australia have its own importance such as to establish a brand name you need to spread brand identity for that you need to use right type of food packaging technology which could acquire your brand name in market.


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