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Linda Bustos  -  
Jul 15, 2019
7 minute read
We’ve rounded up 12 of the wackiest ideas Amazon’s patented (so far) that could forever transform fulfillment as we know it. While there’s no guarantee they will see full fruition, these filings give us a glimpse into the Jestons-like world of future-fulfillment.
Astha Sharma  -  
Jul 12, 2019
7 minute read
If done well, SEM is capable of adding the real value to your business. Marketers are using it no longer as an option but, as one of the important measures to grow their business and build relationships. Optimize your ad copy and maintain relevancy the more relevant, the higher your ranking will be in the search results.
Brooklin Nash  -  
Jul 11, 2019
5 minute read
With ecommerce, you can’t separate out marketing efforts from your sales or your sales from your inventory management. They are all tied together; and how can you be more effective with your strategy and spend? By tracking and monitoring your interconnected KPIs.
Kristin Schepici  -  
Jul 10, 2019
3 minute read
By using real-time shopper data, organizations can predict cart abandonment before it happens. Compared to email remindersβ€”a post-abandonment action is proactive and can engage shoppers while they’re still on the website, before they abandon their cart.
Linda Bustos  -  
Jul 09, 2019
4 minute read
VR is projected to generate $1.8 billion for retail and marketing by 2022 and AR already hit $3 billion in 2018. With ecommerce poised to become mobile AR’s largest revenue stream, 32% of brands and retailers plan to use AR or VR within 3 years. But is AR/VR right for your business?
Anastasiya Rashevskaya  -  
Jul 08, 2019
4 minute read
AI often seems complicated and overwhelming, but in reality, it is simple in use. If managed well, it can benefit businesses and lead to higher profits and new opportunities. There are three main ways and tools to use AI to power businesses today: identify opportunities, understand customer needs and launch hyper-targeted campaigns.
Diana Nadim  -  
Jul 05, 2019
5 minute read
There’s more to personalization than addressing your customers by name. It’s about showing that you value them, and building stronger relationships with your base. This is as true in the B2B space as it is in consumer marketing.
Christopher Pappas  -  
Jul 03, 2019
7 minute read
Marketing your product or service adequately will always be one of your organization’s top concerns. To make sure things are being done right, it’s important to know the right tactics to focus on.
Olivia Diaz  -  
Jul 02, 2019
5 minute read
Regardless of what your job in your mobile app development for your business is, you have to recognize what the most well-known security issues areβ€”and how to keep away from them.
Simon Pleass  -  
Jul 01, 2019
3 minute read
As autonomous vehicle technology becomes more and more advanced, many ecommerce businesses are starting to explore the vast potential of delivery drones to transform their supply chains. This infographic guide from the team at 2Flow examines how the e-commerce sector could benefit from delivery drone technology.