Insights from Ecommerce Experts
Insights from Ecommerce Experts

A progressive transformation approach to commerce replatforming [infographic]


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A digital transformation is currently unfolding, and organizations must capitalize on the disruptive trends that are emerging. And in order to do so for many organizations that means replatforming.

For years, ecommerce practitioners’ only option for replatforming was the “rip and replace” approach, but thanks to modern technology that’s not the case today. If you’ve decided your success lives in an API-first strategy then moving to an API-driven, headless solution allows for a “phase out” approach when replatforming; or a progressive transformation.

Still considering headless commerce? Learn more

A progressive transformation with a headless solution allows you to start small with a single segmented touchpoint, product or region, and migrate at your own pace. Check out our infographic checklist to help guide you through this project.

Do I really have to lose my “head” to replatform my commerce solution?

Kristin Schepici
Kristin Schepici
As a content strategist and ecommerce evangelist, Kristin is dedicated to bringing Get Elastic readers top of mind topics and cutting-edge trends in technology and all things commerce.
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