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Wicked Quick: B2B replatforming initiatives

3 minute read
A weekly roundup or recap on commerce-focused topics and issues. For this week’s Wicked Quick, we caught up with a global ecommerce practitioner on B2B replatforming initiatives.
Understand your customers' experience to optimize your ecommerce site_Get Elastic

Understand your customers’ experience to optimize your ecom...

5 minute read
In order to fully improve and optimize ecommerce for your digital customers you need to understand how your customers use your website and other digital touchpoints. Your business goal is to make sure that your customers complete a purchase once they have started it. If they don’t, you need to figure out why this is and change it. This article addresses how you should look beyond just the data - - and focus on what the data relates to in regard to product offering and improve the CX.
Experience-driven commerce and its impact on B2B_Get Elastic

Experience-driven commerce and its impact on B2B

4 minute read
Great CX is rooted in personalization, and the goal of “one experience per customer” through effective implementation can transform B2B ecommerce solutions to deliver high ROI. This article addresses how brands and businesses can connect content, context and commerce for better ROI.
How 5G will power the future of movement via the Internet of Vehicles (IoV)_Get Elastic

How 5G will power the future of movement via the Internet of Vehi...

3 minute read
5G and the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) has the potential to transform the way we move people and things from one place to another. In a city setting, IoV and 5G will act as city planners and logistics managers rolled into one. Data and automation will optimize traffic light coordination and send garbage trucks on automated routes. The city of the future? Anything engineers can imagine.
4 tips for a successful Cyber Monday email campaign_Get Elastic

4 tips for a successful Cyber Monday email campaign

6 minute read
There are different kinds of promotional emails, such as announcements, giveaways, tiered discounts, and “almost gone” notifications. Depending on your product offering, some may work better than others. These campaigns must be correctly segmented, mobile-friendly and reinforced. This article offers up four examples from leading brands on how to win Cyber Monday via email campaigns.