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8 Tips for Mobile Customer Service Usability

Mobile customer service is too important to overlook considering 63% of US adults use mobile to access customer support several times each month, and 90% have had poor experiences.

How Branding Influences Purchase Decisions [Infographic]

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5 Holiday Conversion Problems and How to Fix ‘Em

As the “official” holiday...

The Importance of Customer Reviews [Infographic]

This week's instalment of...

Inside the Cross-Device Purchase Journey [Infographic]

Earlier this week we exam...

Understanding Mobile Context: At Home, On the Go and In-store

Optimizing your mobile ex...

Making Email Social [Infographic]

What wins, email or socia...

15 Tips for Welcome Email

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How Mobile Influences Shopping Behavior [Infographic]

This week's infographic c...

Omnichannel Customer Service In Action [Infographic]

From mobile to social - c...

The Importance of Omnichannel Customer Service

There's much ado about in...

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Ecommerce challenge: Page speed optimization

Page speed can either make or break the user experience. Waiting for a website to load is no different than standing in line. Slow page load time dramatically increases the website bounce rate – a 4-second delay in page response results in a 25% abandonment rate. This article outlines the three ways to improve page speed optimization.

5 reasons CMOs should care about their commerce architecture

Architecture matters, now more than ever, and the winners in the online battle are going to be the ones who have a platform that scales to meet demand, costs less to operate, and is flexible and adaptable to the future.

The Final-Mile and its factors for ecommerce success or failure

Amazon is dominating ecommerce by transforming the final mile – both physically and virtually. This article outlines four tips on how businesses can compete.

4 ways to create influencer marketing that really works

Big brands such as Coca Cola and H&M are using influencer marketing to boost their sales, engagement and overall brand promotions through influencers. Here are four ways you can too.

Wicked Quick: retail trends from Stratix

A weekly roundup or recap on commerce-focused topics and issues. This week's edition is from a Q&A session with retail tech newcomer, AWM Smart Shelf.