Insights from Ecommerce Experts
Insights from Ecommerce Experts

Ana Milevskaja

Ana Milevskaja
Ana is a digital transformation leader, serving as Senior Director, Product Marketing and Demand Generation at Elastic Path.

Why change management needs to be a strategic focus in your B2B d...

Many B2B organizations are rolling out internal and external digital transformation strategies; but for success to happen companies need to focus on the foundational initiatives first. Change management being one of them. Organizational change management is a bigger piece of the digital transformation journey and needs to be prioritized.

Commerce Pulse: What’s keeping manufacturers and distributors up ...

As distributors and manufacturers of all makes and sizes convened in Chicago for the annual B2B Online conference they were determined to solve for their most pressing challenge - how to transform their organizations for the digital era.

How to create a successful pop-up store

As previously published on the Business Leader, Ana Milevskaja outlines how best to create a successful pop-up store.

API-first commerce: Why it’s OK to lose your head

When differentiating is the only competitve edge in today's market, top brands are selecting a best-of-breed architectural approach. And that best-of-breed is a headless API-driven commerce. Here are the four reasons why.

Ecommerce Microservices: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As previously published on LinkedIn, Ana Milevskaja outlines the facts about microservices that commerce pros should know about.Hardly a day go...

B2B commerce has arrived. It’s big, it’s urgent, and it’s got to ...

There is no hiding from the truth: today’s buyers are demanding contextual and personalized buying experiences, rich with product information, relevant pricing and recommendations, and frictionless fulfillment options.

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