Insights from Ecommerce Experts
Insights from Ecommerce Experts

Brady Behrman

Brady Behrman
Brady is the CEO and founding partner of PunchOut2Go. As an entrepreneur with a proven track record in building technology businesses that focus on client success innovation, Brady and his team help organizations around the globe adapt to complex and ever-evolving B2B commerce & eProcurement technologies.

5 ways B2B automation will transform your ecommerce business

Automation in this context is the use of software tools, computers, and networks to complete tasks that would otherwise require human intervention. Let’s look at five ways that automation could improve your B2B ecommerce business today.

5 ways eprocurement can revolutionize supply chain management

eProcurement platforms allow businesses to rationalize supply chain and eProcurement processes, providing greater accountability and facilitating collaborative supplier relationships. EProcurement on its own isn’t a complete solution to supply chain cost management, but it is an essential component in creating collaborative supplier relationships, reducing error, and taking control of spending and procurement.

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