Insights from Ecommerce Experts
Insights from Ecommerce Experts

Carla Gonzales

Carla Gonzales
Carla is an experienced ecommerce business manager with extensive skills in online marketing, web development and data analytics. She's a valued ecommerce practitioner with a proven track record.

How to avoid data issues during a digital transformation

Carla Gonzales stresses the importance of data planning when undergoing a digital transformation. While enduring a new website initiative it’s important to understand the data needs early on and plans to feed data from internal systems for processing and storage.

B2B ecommerce: start with a plan

Carla Gonzales, an experienced Ecommerce Business Manager is sharing her best practices. This article highlights how in order to meet the demands of the emerging digital-first B2B buyer, organizations need to take a hard look at their current digital offerings and make a change.

The pros and cons of headless for B2B ecommerce

As an experienced Business Manager, Carla Gonzales is no stranger when it comes to B2B digital transformations. She recently shared her experience in the ebook, Getting Started with B2B Ecommerce and we're featuring an excerpt from the book on the benefits of going headless with your commerce initiative.

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