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Thoughts on Shipping from StartUp Nation

Start-up Nation's Head Coaches Jeff and Rich Sloan published an article called "Flat-Fee and Other Online Shipping Gimmicks to Sooth the Savvy Custome...

Marketing Sherpa’s Conversation on Search Marketing

The team at MarketingSherpa produce timely, relevant and specialized marketing research and a recent article caught my eye. The article is a recap of ...

11 Tips for Improving the Ecommerce Experience

Since first logging on to the Interweb in 1995 (via a 14.4kbps dial-up connection on the island of Guam), I've purchased hundreds of products from man...

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Sponsored Facebook Groups – The New Opt In Email Campaign?

2 minute read
Retailers like Target, Walmart, Victoria's Secret and American Eagle's "aerie" brand have found a way to direct-market to "Millennials" through Facebo...