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Thoughts on Shipping from StartUp Nation

Start-up Nation's Head Coaches Jeff and Rich Sloan published an article called "Flat-Fee and Other Online Shipping Gimmicks to Sooth the Savvy Custome...

Marketing Sherpa’s Conversation on Search Marketing

The team at MarketingSherpa produce timely, relevant and specialized marketing research and a recent article caught my eye. The article is a recap of ...

11 Tips for Improving the Ecommerce Experience

Since first logging on to the Interweb in 1995 (via a 14.4kbps dial-up connection on the island of Guam), I've purchased hundreds of products from man...

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Security & Android apps: why automated testing matters

4 minute read
Given the widespread adoption of Android as an efficient mobile operating system (OS), there is an increasing need for proper testing of its applications based on the specificities of the platform’s development model. Due to Android’s distribution ecosystem that is porous to poorly-tested applications. To this end, it has become imperatively important for app developers to ensure that they sufficiently test their Android applications before releasing them into the market.