Insights from Ecommerce Experts
Insights from Ecommerce Experts

David Chiu

David is Ecommerce Industry Strategist at Elastic Path. David is a veteran internet commerce and marketing specialist, with fifteen years of experience delivering business solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining Elastic Path, David was Director of Product Management at a global ecommerce software company and an award-winning information architect and designer for prominent interactive marketing agencies including Publicis Modem and MacLaren McCann, where he was a senior creative responsible for the online positioning of key consumer brands including Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, RBC Financial and Rogers Communications.He is a graduate of the University of Guelph, with a BA in Information Systems and Human Behavior.

Monetizing Commerce APIs [Video]

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Matt McLarty of Layer 7 Technologies' Tech Talk Tuesday to discuss the monetization of APIs, and parti...

Can Media Companies Get Their Mojo Back?

Elastic Path recently hosted a webinar series focused on digital commerce. Part two, entitled A Look Inside Tomorrow's Digital Commerce Platform, feat...

4 Reasons Why Entitlements Are The Future of Digital Content

Not long ago, owning content meant holding a physical item – either you had a disc in hand, or you didn't. Distribution and storage may have changed...

Why Engagement Matters Most In Digital Commerce

Much of online retailing revolves around the idea of a slippery funnel designed to push visitors as quickly as possible towards conversion. It's a tra...

Today’s Top 10 Ecommerce Re-Platforming Mistakes

Now that the typical enterprise ecommerce system has grown into a tangled network of business-critical applications, planning a re-platforming project...

Ecommerce Subscriptions: How to Turn Visitors Into Subscribers

This post is contributed by David Chiu, Ecommerce Industry Strategist with Elastic Path. David has 15 years of ecommerce experience under his belt, wi...

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