Harry Chemko

Harry Chemko
Harry Chemko is CEO of Elastic Path Software, a leading provider of commerce software designed to maximize revenue from the next generation of digital experiences.

Modern Commerce and the 8-Second Rule

You have eight seconds to grab your target’s attention, says a Microsoft study. People are shifting between four to five devices in a day and flipping through their feeds on the subway. There is no time. And, your customers don’t really care…yet.

The 3 C’s of Commerce that Build Customer Delight and Loyalty

When content, context, and connection intersect in commerce, it creates that moment of delight and builds brand loyalty that customers can't resist.

Building a Digital Experience Platform for Modern Commerce: 5 Mus...

There are many ways to build modern commerce. When brands build a digital experience platform blending these 5 technologies, customers can’t resist.

How Ecommerce can become Carriers’ ‘Secret WeaponR...

With increasing expectations for always-on internet and mobile services, many carriers are struggling on the frontend with customer experience. All the interactions — in-store, chatbot, email, phone, text, website, app, messenger service, Facebook — must be unified and personalized. Nearly seven out of 10 carriers believe this will be the single most important factor in customer loyalty.

Commerce Trends for 2018: #1 Personalization in B2B

For a few years, personalization has been B2C commerce’s favorite catch phrase: know your customer, personalize the offers and prices, sell at the rig...

Voice Technology is Changing the Rules of Ecommerce and Customer ...

It may sound like a scene from Star Trek, but voice technology is already being used by some brands to transform the customer experience. Voice technology and IoT promise a new level of convenience and customization.

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