Harry Chemko

Harry Chemko
Harry Chemko is CEO of Elastic Path Software, a leading provider of commerce software designed to maximize revenue from the next generation of digital experiences.

Dynamic Pricing and the New Formula for Profit

Dynamic pricing or flexible pricing isn’t new.Before the 19th century, customers haggled for discounts, and loyal patrons were often given a “frie...

Modern Commerce and the 8-Second Rule

You have eight seconds to grab your target’s attention, says a Microsoft study. People are shifting between four to five devices in a day and flipping through their feeds on the subway. There is no time. And, your customers don’t really care…yet.

The 3 C’s of Commerce that Build Customer Delight and Loyalty

When content, context, and connection intersect in commerce, it creates that moment of delight and builds brand loyalty that customers can't resist.

Building a Digital Experience Platform for Modern Commerce: 5 Mus...

There are many ways to build modern commerce. When brands build a digital experience platform blending these 5 technologies, customers can’t resist.

How Ecommerce can become Carriers’ ‘Secret WeaponR...

With increasing expectations for always-on internet and mobile services, many carriers are struggling on the frontend with customer experience. All the interactions — in-store, chatbot, email, phone, text, website, app, messenger service, Facebook — must be unified and personalized. Nearly seven out of 10 carriers believe this will be the single most important factor in customer loyalty.

Commerce Trends for 2018: #1 Personalization in B2B

For a few years, personalization has been B2C commerce’s favorite catch phrase: know your customer, personalize the offers and prices, sell at the rig...

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