Jake Rheude

Jake Rheude
Jake is an experienced commerce and business development professional with an aptitude for identifying new opportunities and transforming them into proficient business operations. He is also the Director of Marketing for Red Stag Fulfillment, an ecommerce fulfillment warehouse that was born out of ecommerce.

Holiday Fulfillment Challenge: what you should have done in Augus...

Creating a painless holiday ecommerce season should have started as soon as last year's rush ended. But it might not be too late to prevent some of the pains. We present this Holiday Fulfillment Challenge. Challenge yourself to complete each of these items with time to spare before Halloween, and you’ll be all set when Black Friday rolls around. Let’s get started.

Subscription-based ecommerce and its 5 biggest challenges

Offering a subscription to your customers can be an incredibly lucrative option when done right, because satisfied customers are less likely to churn. However, there are five common pitfalls brands and businesses must avoid. This article identifies those challenges and offers up tips on how to overcome them.

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