Insights from Ecommerce Experts
Insights from Ecommerce Experts

Linda Bustos

Linda Bustos
Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.

4 takeaways from Cyber Week 2019 to help you plan for Holiday 202...

While the holiday shopping season isn’t over, this year’s Cyber Week trends highlight how you can better prepare for 2020’s biggest week in online shopping.

Black Friday to Cyber Monday 2019 Statistics [Infographic]

How'd online shopping perform this past Cyber Week? We've compiled the stats from pre-Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday 2019.

The Nike-Amazon break up and what brands can (and can’t) do...

The recent announcement that Nike is ending its two-year partnership with the marketplace shines light on a hard truth: protecting your brand on Amazon remains a challenge — even if you’ve got the clout of Nike. What do brands and manufacturers need to know about protecting trademarks, enforcing MAP pricing, combating counterfeits and plugging leaks in the supply chain?

8 ways to digitally enable sales reps through B2B ecommerce [+ In...

Equipping sales with digital tools helps them do their job faster, serve accounts better and close more deals. Don’t miss these 8 digital tools that can help empower B2B salespeople.

Killing the conversion killers: insights from real-world A/B test...

How have online retailers like you crushed their conversion killers with A/B testing?We've compiled some of the most compelling tests from home page through checkout, from free shipping thresholds to enclosed checkout, hero banners and more.

10 scariest things that can happen in mobile checkout

Nothing's more terrifying than these 10 scary things that can happen in mobile checkout. Prevent the nightmare before Christmas by ensuring your mobile site doesn’t commit any of these horrors!

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The Danger of a Poor Mobile Shopping Experience [Infographic]

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This week's infographic lands smack in the middle of a mini-series on mobile commerce optimization, examining what frustrates users about mobile shopp...