Lukas Schleritzko

Lukas Schleritzko
Lukas is a conference producer with Savant Events. He is responsible for producing and managing the ecommerce series of boutique events, including events in Berlin, Amsterdam, London and Stockholm. He has conducted extensive research on ecommerce, digital marketing, digital transformation, marketplaces and innovations in retail.

What does Brexit mean for ecommerce?

The impact on the British economy, despite all the preparations the government and private businesses have taken, is expected to be severe, especially in the case of “No Deal”, which would significantly disrupt Britain’s export-oriented economy. B2C businesses will suffer more in the coming months as tariffs and waiting times will take their toll and force them to raise prices and lower expectations in regards to delivery time. B2B businesses will have to step up with importing large enough volumes of products in order to compensate.

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