Matt Dion

Matt is the VP of Marketing at Elastic Path. Matt has over 20 years of experience in partnering strategy, business development, public relations, analyst relations, product marketing, product management, and strategic alliances. He has helped grow revenue and market companies such as Crystal Decisions, Apparent Networks, and Meridex. Matt holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Psychology from Simon Fraser University. He has served on the board of directors for Active State, 90 Degree Software, Meridex Software Corporation, ACETECH and Inetco Systems.

4 Hidden Tweaks to Turbo-Charge Your Ecommerce Store

This post is contributed by Matt Dion, VP of Marketing at Elastic Path. Speed is everything when it comes to digital commerce, and even small slow...

For Online Commerce Net Neutrality is About Speed

This post is contributed by Matt Dion, VP of Marketing at Elastic Path. UPDATE Feb 4: FCC Chairman comes out in support of an open internet Ret...

Experience-Driven Commerce: Elastic Path Edition for Adobe Experi...

It's my pleasure to announce our new flagship ecommerce suite - Elastic Path Edition for Adobe Experience Manager. This breakthrough product represent...

Charting Digital Success in 2014

Today’s blog post is brought to you from Elastic Path VP of Marketing, Matt Dion. With 2014 just begun and the digital revolution in full swing, it...

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