Insights from Ecommerce Experts
Insights from Ecommerce Experts

Michael Usiagwu

Michael Usiagwu
Michael is CEO of Visible links Pro, a premium Digital Marketing Agency committed to seeing brands and products gain the right visibility on the search engine.

10 ways to drive organic ecommerce traffic

Driving ecommerce traffic can be a real challenge for practitioners in today's digitally noisy environment. And driving organic traffic can be almost even more difficult. We've pooled the top 10 ways to gain organic ecommerce traffic. Use them strategically to optimize your page.

Ecommerce challenge: Page speed optimization

Page speed can either make or break the user experience. Waiting for a website to load is no different than standing in line. Slow page load time dramatically increases the website bounce rate – a 4-second delay in page response results in a 25% abandonment rate. This article outlines the three ways to improve page speed optimization.

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