Insights from Ecommerce Experts
Insights from Ecommerce Experts

Tom Manning


Checkstyle and PMD – Helping you write code for people, not...

A mistake that many junior developers make is to think that they're writing code for the computer to understand, but computers don't understand anythi...

Developer Notebook – Eclipse Change Sets

An often-overlooked feature in Eclipse 3.2 is support for Change Sets in the Team functionality. What are Change Sets, you ask? Well, picture this oft...

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Primed for disruption: 12 wacky Amazon patents fueling the future of fulfillment

7 minute read
We’ve rounded up 12 of the wackiest ideas Amazon’s patented (so far) that could forever transform fulfillment as we know it. While there’s no guarantee they will see full fruition, these filings give us a glimpse into the Jestons-like world of future-fulfillment.

Bloggers Digest – 7/18/08

2 minute read