Bloggers Digest – 12/28/2007

Bloggers Digest IconThis will be the last Bloggers Digest of 2007, (although it feels like we just got started). There’s no shortage of “Top [Insert Topic Here] Blog Posts of 2007” in the blogosphere – and even some roundups of the Top Top Lists! So this week I’m posting my favorite 2007-roundups (wearing my ecommerce marketer hat of course!) and a couple other interesting posts to chew on for the weekend.

My Favorite Top Post Roundups of 2007:

Other notables this week:

RSS Feeds

  • Still stumped by what RSS is and what it can do for you? This is a Really Simple Summary of RSS to help you out.

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing


  • Rebecca Kelley gives us a peek into the SEOmoz referral keywords for November. Some of them will shock and surprise you. They all made me laugh.

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