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Bloggers Digest 7/25/08


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  • Buy.com’s been in bed with eBay, listing thousands of products without listing fees. What does this mean to you? Kevin Packler discusses the ramifications for medium to large businesses not using eBay as well as smaller businesses using eBay.
  • Holly Buchanan gives 3 reasons why your wish list doesn’t convert. This makes a lot of sense!
  • Fortune Small Business tackles the issue of handling international payments for large, wholesale orders – including foreign exchange and the cost/benefit of wire transfers vs. credit card/Paypal.
  • All you design and usability experts will find Invesp’s roundup and commentary on navigation menu lessons interesting.
  • This week’s Get Elastic posts were keyword research / web analytics / PPC focused. Rich Page contributed a post to YouMoz this week called Stop Wasting Money on SEM that continues the brainwave.
Linda Bustos
Linda Bustoshttp://www.elasticpath.com
Linda is the former editor of Get Elastic; and as an ecommerce industry analyst she specializes in conversion optimization for enterprise digital goods and media companies.
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