Ana Milevskaja
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Ana is a digital transformation leader, serving as Senior Director, Product Marketing and Demand Generation at Elastic Path.
Anatolii Iakimets
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Anatolii is a Product Marketing Manager at Elastic Path, where he is responsible for the telecommunications and media industry.
Brady Behrman
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Brady is the CEO and founding partner of PunchOut2Go. As an entrepreneur with a proven track record in building technology…
Brian Beck
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Brian is an ecommerce industry pioneer with 20+ years of experience, including more than a decade as a hands-on C-level…
Carla Gonzales
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Carla is an experienced ecommerce business manager with extensive skills in online marketing, web development and data analytics. She's a…
Chad Hooker
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Chad is the Director, Product Management at Elastic Path. He is responsible for Elastic Path's product roadmap and technology partnerships.
Darin Archer
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Darin redefines what ecommerce means, challenging the industry to move beyond the thumbnail in category pages to an experience-driven approach…
Deepak Azad
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Deepak is a Manager, Product Development at Elastic Path. He is responsible for Elastic Path’s product delivery and REST API…
Evan Klein
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As Founder and CEO of Zaelab, Evan is creating the future of digital commerce through experiences and platforms.
Greg Ziarko
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Greg is a highly creative, goal-oriented professional who believes in executing great and holding the bar extremely high. With a…
Harnil Oza
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Harnil is the Chief Executive Officer at Hyperlink Infosystem. He is skilled in mobile application developments, SEO, blockchain development and…
Jack Boitani
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Jack is a Business Development Manager at Elastic Path. He is responsible for driving North America partner relationships and engagement.
John Bruno
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John is a former Forrester Analyst, currently shaping the future of digital commerce as the Vice President of Product Management…
Jon Stine
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Jon is a value-add-driven technologist who's been born and raised on the business side. As an advisor-consultant, he's less enthused…
Joseph Brannon
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Joe is an experienced leader with expertise in strategic planning and delivery of Digital & IT initiatives. He has successfully…
Justin Stayrook
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Justin spearheads BORN's industry-leading practice of consulting, implementation, and ongoing services that encompasses industry leading content and experience marketing technologies…
Karly Cyr
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An experienced marketing and communications professional, Karly combines creativity and strategy to effectively communicate a brand’s story.
Linda Farha
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Linda is Founder and Chief Connector of pop-up facilitator, pop-up go. She is well-versed in the marketing, retail and property…
Matt Bishop
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Matt is a Principal Architect and consultant, driving new customer startup design and implementations. He is well-versed in API and…
Matthew Donovan
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Matt is an expert in SMS with deep understanding of impacting the customer journey from offline to in/online results. He's…
Michael Rasmussen
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Michael is a Senior Commerce Architect at Zilker Technology LLC. He has over a decade of experience designing and implementing…
Mike McMahon
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Mike is a thought-leading B2B ecommerce executive with a track record of delivering strong business results through digital strategy, data…
Rafael Lourenco
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Rafael is the Executive Vice President at  ClearSale, a card-not-present fraud prevention operation that helps retailers increase sales and eliminate…
Shaun Maharaj
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Shaun is a Development Manager & Senior Software Engineer at Elastic Path with a strong background in ecommerce and mobile/web…
Shreyas Sali
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Shreyas is a Product Manager with a strong background in commerce search, merchandising and product management. While at Elastic Path,…
Tessa Roberts
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Tessa is the Content Marketing Manager at BloomReach, where she is responsible for the management and production of engaging content…
Will Brown
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Will is Accenture’s North America Emerging Commerce Offerings lead. He has 22 years of experience in digital strategy, commerce, technology,…