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The Guide to Digital Transformation [Infographic]


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What is digital transformation? The use of any digital technology to provide better products, services and experiences. Whether you’re McGraw-Hill Education reinventing its personalized shopping experience, or retailers becoming more and more like publishers, or the numerous other possibilities, business in today’s world of rapid digital disruption and emerging device and social platforms need to have an action plan.

This week’s infographic is not so much a collection of stats as a rundown on the present and future of digital transformation, adapted from Infomentum’s CEO’s Guide to Dealing With Digital Disruption (via SmartInsights blog).


tweet infographic

What holds back digital transformation?

  • Company culture
  • Increasing pace of change
  • Constant search for expertise
  • Cost
  • Red tape and regulation
  • 3 steps to digital transformation

    1. Define your digital strategy – Where is your priority? Play to your strengths and consider your culture
    2. Identify your digital leader – CTO, CMO, CIO or contracted Chief Digital Officer?
    3. Open up and integrate – understand the API economy to streamline processes

    The future of digital

    Will all brands become technology firms?
    Online and offline worlds are merging
    Developing nations will drive innovation
    IT budgets focused on digital experiences, not technologies
    Keep up with the rate of change


    1. Encourage innovation, then watch it grow
    2. Know your strengths, but be open to change
    3. Trust your customers

Linda Bustos
Linda Bustos
Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.
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