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Ecommerce Link Digest: November 2011


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November was a big month for online retail, with Cyber Monday emerging as the highest day for online shopping, new records set for mobile commerce and the introduction of Google+ pages for businesses and brands. (I’ve also seen more facial hair around Vancouver than during the Stanley Cup playoffs). But here at Get Elastic, the month is not officially over until the ecommerce link list, so please enjoy these links and our new blog look! (RSS and email readers, check out our new design).

  • In other Googlenews, the digital marketing world is still crying in its Starbucks cup over the big G’s move to shroud referring keywords for logged in Google account users. But gracious gurus share their tips for working around this likely permanent change through advanced segmentation and filters. Thank you!
  • Earlier this week we discussed best practices for subscriber management. One of the tips was actually to help folks unsubscribe. Did Monty Python write your unsubscribe page? 9 tips to make it better delivers exactly what it promises.
  • How about some stats on mobile app usage? Here’s a teaser: 38% ?iOS & Android users stick with an app after one month, 14% ?iOS & Android users stick with an app after six months. After 12 months, only 4% are left.

PS: Amanda and Linda will be at Meshwest Vancouver on Monday, if you’re at the conference, please flag us down and say hi. Stay tuned for coverage from the event next week.

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Linda is the former editor of Get Elastic; and as an ecommerce industry analyst she specializes in conversion optimization for enterprise digital goods and media companies.