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Ecommerce Links: April 2013


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Alright, it’s not quite the end of April, but there was so much great content this month I have to post our link digest before my RSS reader explodes! Speaking of RSS readers — have you found your Google Reader alternative yet?

  • There’s a lot of buzz around responsive design, but is it really the future of web development?
  • Does your ecommerce business sell, how do you say…less than sexy products? Your website doesn’t have to be boring. Inject some personality with cool copy for unsexy stuff.
  • Persuasion continues. I’ll admit it, I’m suffering from some serious blogger envy on this one. Wish I wrote it. ConversionXL’s 5 principles of persuasive web design is definitely worth a read, a bookmark, and a whack of social sharing.
  • Keywords ‘not provided’ in analytics is one of the most heartbreaking things to see as an SEO, conversion optimist or web analyst. But there’s hope. Cardinal Path’s how to manage keyword not provided for Google search part one and part two addresses the reality that we’ve lost data, but offers some viable workarounds to ease the pain.
  • Bryan Eisenberg’s a Tale of 2 Publishers contrasts Huffington Post and the Daily. Can you guess which one publication is killing it, and which is lagging — and more importantly, why?
Linda Bustos
Linda Bustos
Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.
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