Ecommerce Links: September 2014

Greetings from the Annual Summit, we’ll be back to regularly scheduled blogging next week. In the meantime, enjoy Get Elastic’s top picks for ecommerce-related wisdom from around the Web this month of September, 2014.

  • What is confidence? How much should you require? How long should you run a test? The Adobe Digital Marketing Blog interviews data scientist John Kucera on how marketers can overcome trust issues statistically.
  • Online discounts vs. free shipping offers. Which is more effective? The answer may be “it depends which customer segment.”
  • Home pages, landing pages and checkout seem to get the most A/B testing love, but what about your all-important navigation? MarketingExperiments shares what you need to know about testing navigation menus.
  • When should you use validation messages vs. warnings in online forms (especially checkout)? Baymard Institute walks you through the dos and don’ts from their own user testing labs.

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