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3 Unstoppable Forces Transforming Shopping Right Now [Infographic]


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We’re excited to feature our own infographic this week, inspired by our latest ebook The New Customer Journey: A Convergence of Content, Context, Channels and Commerce <— Free Download


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  • The use of mobile apps for shopping has doubled in the past year Tweet this
  • 14% of consumers would prefer to pay via mobile vs. credit card Tweet this
  • 41% of consumers actively use mobile apps while in-store Tweet this
  • 75% of consumers research products both online and in-store before purchasing Tweet this
  • Customers who shop via mobile spend 66% more than those who only buy in-store Tweet this
  • 36% of shoppers would find the ability to scan product barcodes with their devices desirable Tweet this
  • 41% of millennials have made a purchase using their smartphone Tweet this
  • 63% of millennials follow brands on social networks Tweet this
  • 89% of millennials would prefer a store with advanced mobile capabilities Tweet this
  • There are 2Bill millennials in the world, they account for ½ of all retail spending Tweet this
  • 68% of millennials demand an integrated, seamless experience across channels Tweet this
  • Consumers are 6x more likely to keep a retail app that works with beacons Tweet this
  • Beacons drive 16x greater in-store app usage for retailers Tweet this
  • Consumers that interact with beacons in-store are 7x more likely to seek out a product on the shelf Tweet this
Linda Bustos
Linda Bustos
Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.
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